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Article How can i prepare for the course?
We are delighted you have chosen Next Step Beauty as your training provider. Below we have compiled a few questions and answers to help you prepare...
Views: 4570
Article Patch Testing
Some course require students/models to complete a patch test prior to attending the practical training sessions. We also strongly advise all...
Views: 4054
Article Why are the courses so much shorter than at colleges of further education?
Fast-track training in small groups of students who really want to learn speeds things up considerably. Although we cover the essential theory...
Views: 3790
Article What should I wear to the training sessions?
Please wear black trousers with either a black T shirt or beauty tunic and flat or low heel shoes. Please ensure that your hair is off the face and...
Views: 3109
Article Can I pay by installments?
We offer our EziPay plan on courses or combination of course over a nett value of £250. The payment plan allows you to spread the costs of...
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