How to do your own Eyebrows

We would all love to have a professional do your eyebrows every month but often we don’t have the time or money to go to a salon, leaving you doing your own! For a lot of people doing their own eyebrows is a daunting task but here are some quick simple techniques that anyone can follow to create the perfect brow!!

Tip 1 – Plan to pluck your eyebrows after the bath or shower, the heat and water help soften your hair follicles and open your pores helping the hairs to gild out.

Tip 2 – Size them up. Before going in and plucking every hair in sight, decide which hairs need removing by measuring with these simple guidelines. To determine where the eyebrows should start place an orange stick or spatula beside the nose and the inside corner of the eye, in line with the tear duct, any hairs that grow between the eyes and beyond should be removed. Then place the orange stick at the side of the nostril to the outer corner of the eye, this marks where the brows should end so remove any hairs that grow beyond this point. To determine where your arch should be hold the orangewood stick in a vertical line from the centre of the eyelid.

Tip 3 – Plucking- When plucking always remember to stretch the skin this will help with any pain and also help the hairs come out, work in one direction and with the direction the hair growth. This helps preventing the hairs from breaking off at the skins surface, which is not what we want as they will likely regrow within 2-3days! Work with your natural shape and keep within your measuring guidelines, eyebrows give us shape and definition to our face so only remove what is needed and create an arch to open the eyes. If you have over plucked them and they look too thin have a break from plucking for them to regrow, eyebrows should be natural but neat!

Tip 4 – Fill in the gaps- Most people often have small gaps in our brows or the hairs may be very fine or lost some colour, the perfect solution to create a full and natural looking brow is it use a powder! Get a small slated shadow brush and your brow or eye shadow powder, selected your colour likely a light to dark brown, depending on your colouring and gentle brush the powder into your brows, going in the direction of hair growth and working with your shape. The powder will stick to the hairs; fill in any gaps, while creating a natural looking brow. Alternately mascara brushed through the brows gives a great dramatic effect. 

Eyebrows should ideally be done every 4-6 weeks depending on your hair growth, follow these simple tips and you should have great looking brows every time!

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