Jessica Cosmetics GELeration Range

Jessica GelJessica Cosmetics GELeration Range

As a salon professional, you will want nail colour that has been designed to last and none last longer than Jessica Cosmetic’s GELeration range. This highly effective gel polish is easy to apply, easy to remove by soaking and comes in a great range of flat and glitter colours for a great look lasting 21 days. Read on to find out more about Jessica Cosmetics and in particular the GELeration range.

The Face Behind the Brand
Jessica Vartoughian is today referred to as the ‘First Lady of Nails’ but her beginnings are more humble. In 1969 just off Sunset Boulevard, Jessica launched a ‘nails only’ salon to meet the needs of the rich and famous who wanted a specialised nail service instead of an average all-round salon. The only salon of its kind, Jessica’s offered natural nail care, unique manicure techniques and unusual yet effective nail treatments – it was a complete hit and still is today, frequented by celebrities and politicians as well as other jet-setters. Jessica was the first professional in the nail care industry to identify that just like hair and skin, clients have different nail types which require different techniques. Today Jessica offers her unique product range in over 28 countries around the world with her GELeration range being one of the most popular. 

Introducing GELeration
The GELeration range was created by Jessica to offer long-lasting nail colour to professional salons. The colour goes on like a nail polish but offers the durability of the gel. In fact the GELeration range can be worn for 21 days without chipping, peeling or fading – making it the ideal choice for a summer holiday.

The GELeration range currently features 67 of Jessica’s best-selling custom colours which include pearlescent Pashmina, nude toned Beautiful, cute Sweet Sixteen, eye-catching Confident Coral and deep toned Unleashed among others. In addition to these are 22 GELeration specific colours to meet the needs of fashionistas around the world. These include purple toned Violet Flame, metallic effect Mystic, elegant Wild Berries, dazzling Date Me and subtle Peaches ‘n’ Cream.  The range is completed by 12 sparkling glitter shades encompassing Golden Goddess, Prom Queen, Pacific Paradise, Aphrodisiac  and more. With so many different colours and finishes available, it’s no wonder GELeration is so popular.

The Highlights
To achieve a durable, elegant finish with GELeration you start with PREP which prepares the nails for GELeration soak-off Gel. Then you apply START which allows the soak-off gel to adhere to the nails. Next apply BUILD to enhance the shape of your nails, along with your chosen GELeration nail colour. The nail colour glides on like polish and dries instantly for a quick manicure. Use FINISH to seal the polish and give it a high-shine gloss. After three to four weeks of chip free, peel free and fade resistant colour, buff off the high-shine top layer before using aptly named ERASE to soak-off the colour. Your natural nails are protected and even cared for throughout.

So if your clients want durable, long-lasting colour, choose GELeration from Jessica Cosmetics.