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Should You Offer Eyelash Extensions At Your Salon?

Eyelash extensions are trending in the media right now, with celebrities like Beyoncé and Adele swearing by fake lashes’ magical properties. With so many endorsements, it

To Thread Or Not To Thread?

Eyebrow threading is the newest and hottest trend in brow shaping and thinning. There are lots of hair removal options out there: shaving, waxing, sugars, creams, dyes, the list goes on and on. Threading is getting a

Brow Treatments Grow 52% in 2014

Recent reports show that brows are continuing to grow with £6.5m in UK sales from January to May 2014. This information has been reported by the NPD Group. According to the report, celebrity culture and brow bars

New Eye Studio Color Tattoo Eye Shadow By Maybelline Provides A Bold Colorful Look For Winter

Bold, vibrant shades and hues in eye shadow have been in high demand for quite some time now. There have been several products manufactured by leading cosmetic brands that

Hollywood Lashes – What are they?

Hollywood Lashes – What are they?

Hollywood Lashes Hollywood lashes are eyelash extensions made of a synthetic material that are secured to the clients’ own lashes and last for about two to three weeks before they require an

Colored Contacts: A Lens for Every Occasion

Colored Contacts: A Lens for Every Occasion

Accessorising is the easiest way to keep up with trends and enhance your look without blowing a budget. How about the new seasonal colour electric lime? A few strands o

How to Get Crease Free Eyes

How to Get Crease Free Eyes

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. Nobody would disagree with that. After all, except for a few cultures, we are required to look into one another’s eyes when we communicate. B

Tips for Applying and Maintaining Eyelash Extensions

Tips for Applying and Maintaining Eyelash Extensions

Best eyelash extensions will enhance the appearance of a woman by providing a beautiful and youthful look to the eyes. Mascara and false lashes have become outdated with the ar

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