Autumn Fashion Trends: A Quick Look

A slight chill is resting in the air and the ground is littered with rusty coloured leaves, advertising the arrival of autumn in the northern regions of the world. High street fashion stores have already made their preparations and are showcasing the best of autumn fashion trends. In order to help you with your indoor retail therapy, we’ve had a look at both the catwalks and the streets to spot autumn 2012 fashion trends, to help you and your wardrobe navigate through this fashion season.

Wine Colours Come out Tops

Wine is the colour of autumn this season, and in our opinion no group of colour is better suited to autumn. The colour wine comes in a variety of deep and passionate hues, reminding us of rich, winter food, indoor warmth and of course, consuming much welcomed bottles of red wine in front of the fireplace. Red wine coloured coats are a particularly popular autumn fashion trend and are flattering for all skin tones. Furthermore, wine or deep purple colours make a perfect match, giving autumn 2012 fashion trends a sophisticated look. Other popular wine coloured items we’ve seen are toe peep heels, pencil skirts and cocktail dresses. Accessories in wine, black and cream are a perfect match.

Equestrian is In

Equestrian style clothing and accessories are back in fashion this season. Prominent autumn fashion trends include riding boots in dark shades and equestrian style knitwear. Jodhpur style pants, that are slim fighting yet stretchy, are comfortable and flattering. Coupled with long, knitted jerseys, it’s an effortless yet stylish look. The harness belt is a new autumn fashion trend, and will suit those looking to achieve a bolder look. Wear it over dresses and make a statement.

Hats are Must Have Accessory

Hats were big this summer, and complemented a more feminine look with their big, floppy and whimsical style. Hats will continue to dominate catwalk and wardrobes and will become an autumn winter fashion trend. Inspiration for hat styles and this autumn winter trends will come from the streets, with bowlers, newsboy flat caps and knitted headwear creating beautiful, sleek silhouettes.

Colours and Prints

Prints are set to be the biggest autumn fashion trend surprise, and unlike summer will not be limited to floral prints. Designers are combining a number of different patterns in various styles, which will satisfy the tastes of every fashion enthusiast. An interesting development is having coloured collars in contrasting colour to the rest of the outfit, setting the neck and face. Considering the above autumn fashion trends, this season will be far from chilly.

Penny Munroe is an avid writer in fashion related news and tips. Articles include selecting the best silk scarves this season to the latest in celebrity red carpet gossip.