Choosing the right earrings for your friend

Most ladies like to receive a piece of jewellery on their birthday. However, as close as you may think you are to your friends, do you really know what type of jewellery they like to wear? If you plan on buying her a pair of earrings for her next birthday or Christmas present, take some time first to think about what she’d love to receive. You won’t regret it, as she’ll get a gift she treasures for life and you’ll get to see the big smile creep across her face when she opens the present.

So, what earrings would she prefer?

Pierced or clip-ons?
A lot of us assume all ladies have their ears pierced but in reality, quite a lot of ladies use clip on earrings! You may not have noticed before as she’s always wearing earrings, but even your closest friend might not even have pierced ears. Try to check next time you see and if she is wearing earrings, ask around your other friends or – even better – her boyfriend/girlfriend. They should know what the situation is and then, you can cross one factor off your list!

Is she outgoing or demure?
If she’s a quiet, demure person, she might prefer a softer pair of earrings. A pair of simple silver/gold studs or pearl earrings might be best. If she likes to be a little more daring sometimes, why not push the boundaries a little with a bright gemstone or a small set of hoops? If she’s an outgoing, bubbly person, you can be a bit out-there with your choice. Drop earrings are probably best here, as they’ll draw attention (something your friend probably likes!)

Is she classic or modern?
Again, there’s a big difference here. A classic lady (who favours the likes of Audrey Hepburn over Cheryl Cole) might appreciate a simple drop Murano glass earring, or a mixed-metal woven design; whilst the modern woman might like a sizeable pair of gold hoops. A diamante chandelier pair might go down well too, especially if she enjoys regular nights out on the town.

What is her colouring like?
If she has dark, tanned skin with gorgeous blond hair, a bright gemstone will really pop on her. Opt for an amethyst, coral, ruby or onyx setting, as this will really bring out her beautiful skin and piercing eyes. Those with softer colourings (perhaps with pale skin and darker hair) would likely suit more subtle colours, like amber, labradorite or carnelian stones. There are so many gemstones to choose from that you’re bound to find something your friend will suit.

Where will she wear the earrings?
If you want to buy her a new pair to wear to work each day, or to wear to business meetings, don’t go too over the top with the colouring or shape. However if you want to make her feel glamorous and pampered, a big drop earring will work well. It’s all about reading the situation and thinking about what will work best.

Whatever you opt for, if you’ve put some thought into it, she’s likely to love it. Good luck!

Author Bio: Angela Jones is a fashion design graduate and is passionate about jewellery. She is fond of writing in her leisure time. Nowadays she is busy in researching on exquisite engagement rings and clip on earrings.