Natural Jewellery is Key This Summer

This summer, the buzz word in the world of fashion and jewellery is ‘natural’. This means that jewellery is minimal in style and contains elements or inspiration exclusively from nature. Here are some of the hottest summer jewellery trends:

Shell Jewellery
Shells are one of the prettiest and most natural elements that can be found in jewellery this summer. Long length necklaces featuring a series of tiny shells are ideal for day wear and look great with a bikini on the beach or with simple shorts and a t-shirt. For a slightly more sophisticated look, choose a choker necklace featuring a single shell or a pair of elaborate shell hoop earrings for a fashionable look.

Image Credit: Collin Harvey

Seaglass Jewellery
In keeping with the seaside theme, seaglass jewellery is also ideal for achieving this summer’s hottest jewellery trend. Although not technically natural, the very essence of how seaglass is formed is natural thanks to the salt in the sea water which creates that delightful frosty effect and the sand that creates the soft, curved edges. For a chic and stylish look choose clear seaglass whilst for a more colourful look bottle green or cobalt blue seaglass is perfect.

Image Credit: Linden Tea

Feather Jewellery
Feather jewellery is set to be big this summer. There are two distinctive looks. The first is for subtle boho inspired pieces of jewellery featuring muted bird feathers for a feminine look. The second look is much bolder and inspired by tropical birds with bright, neon toned feathers.

Image Credit: Kisspat Feather

Tree Jewellery
The concept of tree jewellery covers a number of trends this summer. Firstly it covers natural wood jewellery with carved wooden pendants playing a large part. Secondly it covers leaf inspired jewellery which has never been trendier. The final component of tree jewellery is pinecone or acorn inspired jewellery which create a cute yet stylish look.

Image Credit: tigerlillyshop

Natural jewellery can be worn alone or layered for a more fashionable look, ideal for the summer.