Sleek and Stylish for Spring – The Hair Knot

One of the main hair trends seen on both the catwalks and red carpets this spring is the hair knot. It is a look favoured by celebs such as Nicole Kidman, Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus to name a few. This chic and stylish look is ideal for all occasions and gives a sophisticated look – plus it’s really easy to achieve. Follow these simple steps to get the look:

hair tie

1. Prepare your hair – to make sure your hair has enough body to hold the style, after washing with your usual shampoo apply volumising mousse and dry your hair with a hairdryer, creating as much volume as possible.
2. Pull your hair to one side and part it into two equally sized sections.
3. Take one section and loop it around the other as if you are about to tie a knot. Then do the same again. Pull reasonably tight but not enough to damage the individual strands of your hair. You should now have a neat knot with two loose ends.
4. Take each loose end and using a hair grip, tuck it under the knot to create a tidy look.
5. Blast your whole hair with a firm hold hair spray to keep it in place.

The beauty of this style is that is is versatile enough to alter for any occasion. Leave the loose ends out for a more casual style or apply flowers, hair clips or other hair adornments to achieve a different look.