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Two Stages Every Beauty Entrepreneur Goes Through Before Making It

Every time we start a project or a new path, we expect the best results , without counting or evaluating the probable ones (they are probable and in fact necessary) obstacles that are going to be presented to us alo

5 Reasons To Complete An Online Course

Have you got obstacles that are stopping you from following your academic dreams? Worried about the cost of course fees or other expenses? Little ones to look after? Career just about to take off? Or is your prefer

For the Kids – 5 Tools for Children to us so parents can study

So the one thing I know busy parents struggle with is things for keep the children occupied, especially when your trying to study! I asked my beautiful neice (8 years) what 5 apps/solutions she could come up wi

Coronavirus Fears – A Review Of Salon Hygiene Practices

Coronavirus fears: A review by Victoria of salon hygiene practices. I have had so many calls into the office over the past week with concerns over Coron

Whats the Difference Between UV and LED Lamps

Do you know the difference between a UV Lamp and an LED Lamp? In this video, Victoria explains the difference between the 2 types of lamps.

Victoria’s Favourite Non Cleanse Top Coats

Victoria discusses her favourite Non cleanse top coats

Top tip for Working with Glitter Powders and Dust

Victoria’s Top tip for working with glitter powders and dust – have you seen the new magpie glitters? If you like the video please share it or comment below if you have used them

4 Reasons To Learn Online

You probably don’t need to be convinced that education of any kind is an excellent investment to make in yourself. But do you still need to be convinced about the benefits of le

How to make each client feel special

Happy clients are loyal clients, and making your clients happy is really just a trick of the trade and is super easy to accomplish. A happy client goes beyond

How to find the right treatment prices for your target audience

When creating a price list for your services, there are a number of things you need to think about before finalising prices and opening shop. Location Business fo

Safety Nails: The polish that saves lives Ways to organise polishes

Back in 2014, there was talk of a safety nail polish that would soon hit the streets. The safety element came from the fact that the polish would change colour if it came in contact w

Male Beauty Audience: What should you be offering?

Diversity in the work place is as important for beauty services as it is for office employment. Offering services that accommodate for absolutely everyone is crucial for getting ahead in the indu

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