How To Achieve A Natural Look With Make Up

The art to looking great is to look as if it has come naturally. The perfect way to achieve this with make-up is to perfect the ‘barely there’ look. The aim is to apply your make up to enhance your looks without looking like you’re wearing make up. Sound complicated? It really isn’t.

First, make sure you prepare your skin by using a good moisturiser and primer. This will ensure that your skin in fully hydrated, reducing the chance of your make up caking on your skin. It will also help to hold your make up in place without constant re-application. Now apply some light concealer over any blemishes and a touch under your eyes to cover any dark circles.

Apply a mineral foundation all over your face with a large brush to even your complexion and then apply some highlighting power just under your brows and to the under eye area. This will help illuminate your face. Now brush a soft pink shade of blusher pearls over the apples of your cheeks.

Apply a light brown shade of eye-shadow across your lids and outline your upper lashes with a thin line of brown eye-liner. Then smudge the two together. Complete your eyes with one coat of a volumising mascara.

For your lips, choose a dusky pink shade just one shade different from your natural lip colour. Apply and then blot on tissue paper. Complete with a smear of clear lip gloss.

And there you have it, the natural ‘barely there’ look.