A Guide To The Trendiest Nail Art Techniques

Regular nail varnish has become the bread and butter of the nail art world – it’s still vital, but it’s nothing special. You may find that if you lack the knowledge of manicure techniques then the prospect of delving into this land can be a nail biting experience, but achieving a great style doesn’t have to be difficult.

Staying up to date with current trends and making your nails stand out from the crowd is a fun hobby, and once you have the basic techniques mastered, you’ll become a Picasso of the nail world in no time at all. First, though, you’ll need to learn the simple things that will make your hands looking stunning without breaking the bank.

Simple Techniques To Transform Your Nails

In order to turn your nails from dull to dazzling you will need to get them ready for their styling experience, so be sure to transform them into a perfect canvas with a little tender love and care. Use plenty of hand and nail cream before you start your artwork, to help increase their strength and soften your hands at the same time.

It can be tempting to cut corners by neglecting to file your nails, but make sure you do. Not only are nail files perfect for rounding off edges, they are also brilliant for smoothing over ridges for an easier application and healthier looking finish. If you’d like a handy cheat to help you along the way, it’s worth searching online for a joint filer and buffer. These tools are brilliant for leaving nails smooth and reflective, meaning that they’ll still look glossy and noticeable even on the day when you don’t have the energy to look after them.

Add Some Glamour With Beautiful Nail Art GlitterNail Art Glitter

A perfect way of making nails look more glamorous is through glitter. Achieve this look by either covering the entire nail for a girlish sparkle, or giving the ends that glitter dipped appearance – a timeless look that is perfect for parties. With a rainbow of glitter colours, you’ll soon have a sparkling shimmer that will make you hard to ignore. White or silver glitter, in particular, is perfect to use on the edge of your nail to create a frosty look, brilliant for nails with more than one colour tone.

Looking beyond glitter, one of the most intriguing inventions in the nail world recently has been crackle varnish. To use these quirky varnishes correctly, simply cover your nail in a base colour of your choice and then apply the crackle polish to create a unique smashed looking effect. This style is brilliant for the edgier girls who prefer something a little bit different to the regular nail polish colours.

Alternatively, for those of you who see their nails as a blank canvas in need of an artistic makeover, an investment in nail pens is a definite must for you. You’ll be able to create a quirky picture or something more abstract, with infinite possibilities awaiting the girl who can learn to wield these useful tools correctly.

Cheat Sheets: False Nails And Stick On Designs

Are you having difficulty growing your nails long enough, or do you lack the precision for creative cuticle cutting? If this sounds like you, false nails are here to make life much easier. They’ve been around for a long time and if such a thing existed, they’d be starring in the nail art hall of fame. Their simple application technique and numerous different designs make them an easy alternative when your nails need some quick glam.

The ultimate cheat for your nail art undoubtedly has to be nail stickers. These small 3D designs are perfect for adding something special to your existing nails. If you can get your hands on full nail decals – as seen in this how-to video – you’ll have found an effortless method for great looking nails. To apply these designs all you need to do is line the rounded end to your cuticle, press firmly, and then file the excess away. You’ll be left with a natural looking design, avoiding that ‘fake look’ often obtained from using false nails.

With such a huge variety of easy ways to turn your troublesome talons into flawless fingers, you don’t need to be overwhelmed by all the nail art supplies on the market. Instead, try to embrace them in order to change your look delicately, while adding a little piece of your own unique personality to your style.

More Tools And Tips For A Great Nail Art Experience

Thanks to their ability to drag the polish around the nail, triangle make-up sponges are perfect if you want to create a gradient or fade style. If you simply can’t find any then you can obtain the same style by purchasing a large sponge and cutting pieces off as you need them.

Investing in a tiny nail art brush, which you’ll find online at numerous beauty stores, will allow you to create tiny blobs with the polish of your choice – simply dip it in to your chosen colour and apply to your nail as desired.

For an even cheaper alternative, find any pencil that has a rubber on the end and press a flat-ended pin into it. You’ve just invented your own nail art tool, which will allow you to create little dots on your nails. This just demonstrates that there really is no limit to what tools can be used for manicure art – even stationary has its place.

A Simple Idea For The Start Of Your Nail Art Journey

If you want to try out a simple idea to grow your confidence before getting more creative, look no further. This idea is brilliantly simple and all you’ll need is:Crackle Nail Polish

  • A base coat to cover your nail
  • A top coat
  • A glossy polish or nail glitter
  • A loofah

Simply cut up the loofah and place it securely over your nail once your base coat has dried, then paint over it with your top coat. Once dry, cover it with gloss or glitter and you’ve got super nails on a budget!

It’s so easy to create stunning looking nail art and the possibilities are almost limitless. Creating your own style to share with friends or to post online is a hobby enjoyed by many people. You’ll find the time you have taken to design your own nails makes the final result extra rewarding, so now is the time to get those polish bottles flowing!

An avid nail art lover, Laura Watson is now determined to help others explore the style possibilities that their nails can unleash.