How to get the perfect Acrylic Smile Line

A questions that comes up a lot whilst traveling and teaching nails is “how do I get the perefct acrylic smile line?” Students are always concerned about this so here is a simple 3 step guide for your to follow.

Here is the best way to get a perfect smile line in 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Pick up a medium sized bead and place in the centre of zone 1. You want to make sure that you place your bead where you would like your smile line to be from. Sometimes if you push your white back to the point you would like it can leave trace amounts of product on the nail plate and therefore making the smile line blurry and less defined.

Step 2: Using your brush flatten your bead side by side drawing your bead up at the sides. Try and imagine you are creating a ‘v’ shape on the nail. Try not to wipe your brush at this point as the monomer that is still on your brush will help keep your bead wet for longer making you able to get more movement from your bead. You want the shape to be symmetrical at both sides for the perfect look. Don’t forget your sidewall corners; you want your smile line to flow evenly to a point from each sidewall to give it a natural look. Try and pat the bead flat all over zone 1 so that it’s not too thick.

Step 3: Wipe your brush to make sure it is product free then turn your brush against the ‘v’ shape you have made and use the tip of your brush to smooth and perfect the shape. You want your smile line to be crisp and even. If you need to add an extra bead to perfect your corners or your overall look take your extra bead and place it exactly where you want it to be. Then brush the product over the first bead to make sure that the white is totally and you don’t have different shades of white on your free edge.

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