Standing Out With a Nomination Charm Bracelet

Throughout life, I’ve always been one for having an individual sense of style and I like to stand out from the crowd, especially when it comes to jewellery. I used to wear a brand that everybody else seemed to be wearing but got sick of bumping into people telling me they too had the same bracelet as me, it made mine feel less special. This is one of the reasons why I’ve started to wear Nomination jewellery.

It’s great that even though Nomination is a popular brand, the jewellery you can create still allows you to be really unique as you can use a creative charm combination. The large variety of charms in the Nomination range means that there are lots to choose from and there’s certainly a style to suit everyone. It’s not very likely that you will have selected the same charm combination as anybody else.

The Nomination charms are great value and well worth the investment in my eyes. Previously, when I was wearing a different brand of charm bracelet, it took me a while to build up my collection as the charms were expensive (some of them were over £100 mark which is very steep!) so I was relying on receiving them for my birthday and Christmas to build up my collection. It’s different with Nomination charms as it’s easier to buy them more regularly as they’re reasonably priced at around £18.

The Nomination charms are made out of a variety of different materials including cubic zirconia, enamel, gold, silver and stones. I love how detailed the Nomination charms are and they’re made to a really high standard. I like to use a mixture of materials on my charm bracelet to make each individual charm on it stand out.

At the moment, I have three different Nomination charm bracelets; one of them is complete and made up of flag charms from all of the countries I have visited. The charms have a variety of different themes including animals, flags, letters, numbers, life, fun, love, luck, messages, nature, peace, religion, special occasions, sport, leisure, symbols, technology, world sites and fantasia.

Nomination charm bracelets differ to your traditional charm bracelet as the charms attach in an unusual way. Charms would traditionally attach to a carrier but in this case, Nomination charms actually make up the bracelet by connecting together. They’re interconnecting charms so you have to begin with a starter bracelet that contains a number of plain links, and then as you buy your charms, you swap out the plain links for the charms. When you swap out the plain links, you have to be sure to keep them in a safe place so you can use them to make another starter bracelet once your first bracelet is complete. You’d be surprised at how quickly they fill up with charms.

Once you’ve built your Nomination charm collection up and you find that you have multiple bracelets, you’ll be able to link them all together to create a cuff effect. This looks really stylish and is a popular trend at the moment.