6 Things to Consider for Happier and Healthier Skin

It doesn’t matter if you are aging and the lines are starting to show, a teen suffering with acne, or a person diagnosed with a skin disorder…if you want healthier skin, there are ways to help achieve it. Now, I am not promising an airbrushed like appearance, mainly because that is why airbrushing exists in modeling and photography. Very few people have perfect skin.

However, you can have healthier skin. There are just 5 things to take into consideration in your journey to smoother and nicer skin. Read on to learn more…

#1 Become Familiar with Your Skin

There are different skin types including dry, oily, sensitive, and combination…with various products available to help each one. Most people know their skin type without much thought. But, some people don’t realize that it might vary, depending on the season, your overall health, and with what you eat and drink.

For example, if you are not drinking enough water, your skin can become dehydrated. So, it might not be that you have dry skin, but rather it’s dry due to not treating it properly. Pay attention to what happens to your skin, and what your environment and intake is when it changes.

But, just know that there is an abundance of help from oily, dry, and even sensitive skin products. If you are wrong about your skin type, the products you choose might not help.

#2 Effects of Food and Beverage

Sure, there are definite foods and beverages that can aggravate certain skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis, or rosacea. They can even effect healthy skin, to be honest. These foods are typically the high fatty foods, loaded with sugar, and even caffeine. However, staying away from them completely can be a challenge.

The key is to eat a healthy, well-balanced meal, and at least limit these trigger foods to a bare minimum. And, when you have a special event coming up, avoid them completely for a week or two ahead of time.

As far as beverages, sodas, coffee, tea, and alcohol can all play a role in unhealthy skin. So, just as with the food, limit them as best you can. When you do drink some of these drinks, it’s best to counter the damage by drinking water…double that of which you drank of the other. In other words, if you have a cup of coffee, drink 2 glasses of water to counter the effects of that caffeine.

#3 Take Your Vitamins

In addition to food and beverage, vitamins are something to consider. The following offers a list of certain vitamins and how they can help your skin:

  • Vitamin A – helps to encourage repair to the skin.
  • Vitamin C – Strengthens the skin by producing collagen
  • Vitamin E – Helps to produce red blood cells, improving tissue

Along with the vitamins listed above, essential fatty acids can help with cell membranes and reduce inflammation in certain conditions. You can get essential fatty acids naturally through fish, avocado, sunflower seeds, leafy vegetable, and walnuts.

#4 Diminish the Stress Level

I’m realistic enough to know that completely eliminating stress from your life is nearly impossible. However, you can learn techniques to help you diminish the effects that stress can have on your skin… and your life in general.

Stress can do terrible things to your skin, as well as your entire body.

If you feel the stress creeping up on you, light some candles, turn on some soft music, and soak in a tub. But, not too hot. Hot water can dry out the skin. So, regardless of the temperature, apply lotion to your skin each time you shower or bathe, especially if you soak for a while.

If soaking in the tub doesn’t sound appealing to you, get a massage, read a book, or get some exercise…

#5 Get up and Move

Exercise will help you with circulation, which in turn…improves the condition of your skin.

Also, our skin is actually connected to our muscles. So, you want to keep the muscles in shape, because they have an indirect impact on the appearance of your skin. In other words, the more firm your muscles are, the more firm everything attached to them will be.

#6 Sun Protection is Vital

Sun damage can be very costly to reverse, if you are able to do it at all. So, the best thing to do is to protect your skin from the sun. I realize that it’s too late for past damage. But, there is no reason why you can’t start now, to prevent future damage.

Wear a sunscreen or sunblock when you are out in the sun. The sunblock will block all rays, and give you maximum protection.

Also keep a hat and sunglasses handy in the car, so you can slip them on when you are unexpectedly out in the sun.

Most importantly, avoid long periods of exposure to the sun.

In Closing

So, there you have it. Some of it might be old news to you, but reminders never hurt. Just keep in mind, this skin you were given, is the only skin you are getting in this lifetime. In other words, take care of it now, so it will remain its healthiest.

As a freelance writer, Mark Harris spends a lot of time writing, as well as researching. He also spends time outdoors, any chance he can get. So, when he was reading through the website http://www.mysensitiveskincare.com/, he thought he would write a series on skincare. Mark lives in White Rock, B.C. on Canada’s stunning west coast. He and his wife enjoy spending time on the beaches, kayaking, and hiking.