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NextStepBeauty.co.uk has recieved over 1737 five star reviews from students.

Jessica Moult - Nail Art

Great day. Learnt some good basics and felt more confident to experiment and develop my skills further

Jessica Moult - NSBi Make Up

I loved this course. The first time I’ve tried an online one and found it really intuitive to navigate and the support was great when I needed to use it. Would highly recommend, can’t wait to start my next course

Jessica Moult - Nail Sculpting

I was scared of sculpting but this course took me step by step to creating lovely sculpted nails and gave me more confidence

Emma MacGregor - NSBi Complete Nail Technicians

Loving course so far so much information , learned a lot already .

Beverley Hall - NSBi Russian Lashes

The course is very good for people on the go who don't have enough time to attend a day course, you don't miss out on any learning techniques because it is online in fact I would say from my experience, online courses make sure you learn everything you need to know to, to be able to carry out treatments professionally and safely, would definatly recommend.

Emily burchell - Complete Nail Technicians

I did the complete nail technician course and gel polish and had my review today....and passed :-) I would like to say a big thank you to Amy for the feedback which was given at the end of the day, very knowledgeable and lovely, lovely tutor. Also thought the training books and videos provided by next step were extremely useful. Thanks :-)

lindsey halstead - Complete Nail Technicians

Lena was lovely on this course. Very helpful.Did my review yesterday after waiting for months, Amy also was lovely, very helpful.

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