Nail and Beauty Refresher Courses

Nail and Beauty Refresher Courses

Our nail, beauty and holistic refresher courses are ideal for students who have previously qualified but for whatever reason need a little more training. We provide a range of nail courses and beauty courses all of which would be ideal.

The nail and beauty refresher courses or refresher training can be very useful if:

  • You passed your course some years ago but have not used the qualification
  • Have had a break from the nail and beauty industry and want to get back into it
  • You have let your nail or beauty skills get slightly “rusty”
  • Have maybe lost your confidence

A fully qualified tutor can quickly get you back on track and help you regain those skills and confidence required. The length of the nail or beauty refresher course will be geared to your needs and sometimes all that is needed is a few refresher training lessons, rather than a full blown nail or beauty refresher course.

For more information about our nail and beauty refresher courses contact us.