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Products You Should Have In Your Makeup Bag

Products You Should Have in Your Makeup Bag

There are many great beauty products on the market today, as you may already know. Some of these products are better than others and will work far better as well.  If you are someone who spends a lot of money on beauty products, you may be wondering what’s out there. You may also be wondering what items are absolute necessities in your makeup bag. There is no need to buy things you won’t ever use, because that’s just a waste of money. Let’s talk about the things you definitely need to have, shall we?

What You Need

The first thing you should definitely have in your makeup bag is always going to be a great foundation. This is important because foundation is where your whole look starts. A great foundation that you can purchase in any Wal-Mart or drug store nationwide is Revlon’s PhotoReady Airbrush. This product will give you even coverage and help to hide enlarged pores. Instead, your face will look poreless and perfect. This product is in the region of £8 and will last for quite a while. Next, you will want to have a great blush. Maybelline’s Dream Bouncy is a great blush to use because it is creamy and easy to blend into your cheeks. It also comes in many different colors and is very reasonably priced. You will want to have a powder bronzer to use for highlighting as well, and any brand will work just fine.

Other Products

After you have all of your foundation and facial products, there are some other things you will want to have as well. It is always necessary to have at least one eye shadow quad. You should probably purchase one that will go with everything in your wardrobe. A black and grey quad will work great and Maybelline makes them. You will want to have some great eye liner. A gel liner will always work the best because it is precise and easy to apply. It also will not look messy or sloppy. You will want to always have a tube of eye makeup primer on hand, just in case you ever need it. You will want to be sure to have a great mascara to make your lashes more defined. Dior Show is one of the best mascaras that you can buy and it can be purchased in department stores such as Macy’s. Finally, have at least one good lip gloss, even if it’s clear. It will help prevent your lips from looking dry and chapped.

Now that you have an idea as to which products you need to have in your beauty bag, you can see what you don’t need anymore. If there is something you don’t use, don’t waste any more money buying it again. Keeping these products on hand will be perfect and you will have everything you need.

About the Author: Leslie Ashton is a college senior who has perfected her beauty routine and blogs about health, beauty and makeup. She recommends the at-home facial treatment from Riiviva.

Victoria Arpels

Victoria Arpels is the founder of Next Step Beauty, the leading nail course & beauty course provider with accredited training centres across the UK. Victoria is a fully certified professional holding BA (Hons) and assessor (CertEd). She is a regular contributor to a number of industry publications as well as our own Next Step Blog.