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Manicure Kit

  • Complete Kit:
    This nail kit comes with everything you need to practice and then work on your clients.
  • Fast Delivery:
    This kit will be dispatched and with you within 7 working days. Once your order has been placed, we will call you to discuss delivery and dispatch straight away.
Now: £90 + VAT
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Manicure Kit

This manicure kit provides you with everything you need to enable you to work on your clients.

Whats included in the manicure kit:

  • Hand Sanitise Gel 250ml
  • Polish Remover Formula 2 125ml
  • Rubber Ended Hoof Stick
  • Stainless Steel Cuticle Knife
  • Cuticle Nipper
  • Hand Cuticle Massage Cream 50ml
  • Hand Cuticle Remover Cream 50ml
  • Hand Replenish Moisture Lotion 250ml
  • Hand Invigorating Salt Scrub 150ml
  • Hand Renewal Age Control Mask 150ml
  • Pink Acetone Resistant Manicure Bowl
  • Nail Wipes 200pk
  • Black Beauty File 240/240gt SINGLE
  • Barbicide Manicure Jar (3″ high)
  • Barbicide 247ml
  • Profile Nail/File Antiseptic Spray 250ml
  • Base Coat ORIGINAL 14ml
  • Quick Dry Top Coat ORIGINAL 14ml
  • Ecstantic Red Polish
  • Strawberry CREAM Polish
  • Snow White Polish
  • Orangewood Sticks 20pk

Total Manicure Kit Costs JUST £90 + VAT

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