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How to use Social Media to Gain New Customers

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How to use Social Media to Gain New Customers
There is nothing worse for the morale or the turnover of a salon than a lack of customers. Once upon a time, customers would have been passers-by on their way home from work or whilst out

How to Fake a Natural Looking Tan


With the winter just around the corner, you may be considering how to get your pasty white body looking beautifully sun-kissed during the cold winter months. There are a number of ways of doing this.

Firstly, you could use a sunbed. These are either

Give Your Salon a Hot New Look for Summer

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No doubt the trends that you see in your salon are very seasonal, well the world of interior design is very seasonal too. It is therefore important to give your salon a new lease of life ready for the coming season and luckily for your,

Prepare Your Hair For Summer


Most people know that the summer can be tough on your hair. Exposure to UV rays can cause your natural hair colour to lighten or your coloured hair to fade. Contact with pool chemicals such as chlorine can strip natural oils from your hair, leaving

Three Ways to Wear a Scarf This Summer


Now you might think that scarves are reserved for winter wear but one of the must-have fashion accessories this summer is the scarf. I’m not talking about a thick, woolly scarf here but a light, sheer scarf and to achieve this season’s hottest look, bright,

A Beautiful Look on a Budget


When it comes to looking good, a lot of people think they need to spend loads of money on special treatments, expensive lotions and go to a salon every week. However this is not the case at all. There are plenty of ways to achieve

Do You Need to Revamp Your Beauty Routine?


Most girls first start to gain an interest in make-up from around puberty. This usually starts are trying on your mum’s lipstick or getting your first eye-shadow palette. This make-up obsession then grows to include a whole array of other cosmetics including mascara, eye-liner, blusher,

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