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Easter 2014 Promotion

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Easter Promotion standard Terms and Conditions apply.

Offer excludes free combination courses. If you book and pay for a combination course you will be able to select a free individual course. Course of

Chocolate – Good or Bad?


I’ve got to admit that chocolate is one of my favourite treats but I often feel a little guilty after I’ve indulged in a piece (or bar!). And it’s hardly surprising as chocolate is most commonly associated with its fat content. However I recently heard

How to Achieve a Professional Look at the Salon


When it comes to working in or running your own salon, it’s important to realise that you’re selling an aspirational dream. Your customers are looking for a more attractive self and they are using your services as a way of achieving this. In some ways,

Need to Find a Web Architect to Create a Website?


In a previous blog, we discussed the two possible methods for creating a website – creating your own or paying a web architect to create one for you. If you have decided to find a web architect (also known as a web developer or web

Beauty’s Not Just for Women

man in salon

In a recent study, a number of men and women in the UK were asked to share how much they spend on beauty products and beauty treatments each month and the results were surprising even to those within the beauty industry. Traditionally a women’s industry,

How to Make Direct Mail Work for Your Salon


Although in recent weeks we have been discussing the use of the internet to promote and market your beauty salon or nail bar, this week we’re going to look at another popular, and effective, form of marketing – direct mail.
Direct mail has developed a

Why Your Image is Important in the Salon

salon worker

Image is everything in the world of fashion and beauty. Although most people don’t like to admit it, most take you at face value – judging your character by your appearance. A potential customer will not only be judging your salon by the look and

Does Your Beauty Salon Need a Website?


It is the era of digital with virtually everything being done online. We can make doctors appointments, do our grocery shopping and even connect with friends via the internet. With some companies having websites, the question is whether you need a website for your beauty

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