5 Reasons your clients should have a pedicure all year round!

A lot of people think that having a pedicure is just for those summer holidays, think again! A pedicure is a treatment you can and should offer all year round for your clients, as a next step beauty educator and a mobile therapist I see a great demand  for pedicure treatments and I have a lot of clients that have them every month along with their manicure or nail enhancements here’s why-

1-     Unwind- Sit back for an hour and dip your feet into a warm foot bath and relax! What a great stress relief, Pedicures include a soothing foot and leg massage to help release tension held in the leg and foot muscles.

2-     Prevention is better than a cure- Corns, calluses, ingrown toenails and other foot issues can be prevented with regular pedicures. Every pedicure includes hard skin removal and a foot exfoliation to remove dead skin cells and soften hard skin, done on a regular basis you can avoid a  to visit a chiropodists that could be costly.

3-     Soft supple skin- Moisturising your feet is just as important as moisturising your face and body. Moisturising regularly will rehydrate and soften the skin and heals are less likely to crack or blister. Keep up to this and your feet will be ready for the flip flops as soon as the suns comes out and you won’t need to leave your socks on during your yoga class!

4-     Confidence boost- Along with hard skin removal, exfoliating and moisturising, pedicures include cuticle work and toe nails painted making your feet look and feel great. You will feel uplifted and have a boost in confidence, already to wear those fab shoes.

5-     Nail Polish- This is the best bit. Pick from glitters, red, French, gems or transfers the choice is yours. Have a different colour every month or dare to wear that bright bold neon colour you love but daren’t wear on your hands! Gels are great on toes as well they last ages and perfect in winter as they are instantly dry so you can put your boots straight on.

Here at Next Step Beauty we offer pedicure courses in locations nationwide, why not gain your qualification and start providing an excellent treatment for your clients all year round.