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NextStepBeauty.co.uk has recieved over 1774 five star reviews from students.

Charlotte Featherbe - NSBi Complete Eye

Absolutely brilliant course! Wasn’t sure how good the online course would be but god I was wrong! It’s so thorough and the videos help so much. I would pick this way again over a class as you feel like a day course sometimes it’s becomes too much but on here having the videos to look back on even once you’ve passed is just great for the reassurance that you ever might need. Can take your time as well so there’s no rush if you work this is absolutely perfect for you! Thanks so much 😊

Yolandi Botha - Gel Polish

Had great fun doing gel polish. Very simple and easy to learn .

Clare Cornish - NSBi Hot Stone Massage

I thoroughly enjoyed completing the Hot Stone Massage Course, with it's very clear, and easy to follow informative videos, making the whole massage routine much easier to learn, all the information you need are in the e-books too, always great to keep for future reference, and knowing those videos and e-books are being updated is brillant too. I love the courses with nextstep beauty, so much so i have Manicure, Hot Stone Massage and Facials, to complete or have completed, i plan to do more this year, so i can start the new year as qualified Beauty Therapist. I would recommend nextstep beauty to family,and friends.

Wendy Johnson - NSBi Basic Nail Art

Fun,enjoyable course. Easy to complete in your own time at home. Great for everyone wanting to learn nail art! Having completed this course I would definitely recommend it!

Rachel Howard - NSBi Gel Polish

So here’s a first attempt at a gel polish on myself which I am really pleased with, I hope to get a lot better the more I do as there’s room for improvement.

Debra Mcneil - Complete Nail Technicians

Loved this course, had never heard of fibreglass& silks before but I really enjoyed doing them and feel it will be a great product to offer clients once I’ve qualified.

Debra Mcneil - Gel Polish

Loved this course, was great to play around with colours can’t wait to get started on improving my skills with clients

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