Major causes and some effective acne treatment tips

Acne is a skin condition which may cause cysts, whiteheads, blackheads, redness and the pimples. It appears on the face, chest, upper arms and the chest. It is the most common problem of the teenage, but it can affect the people of all ages from adults  to infants.

Acne is likely to form by the blockage of the pores due to tiny bits of dirt, debris floating in the air and the overproduction of oil. Statistically, it is the most common problem in the United States which affects 85% of the population at some point in their life span.

Don’t try to pop, pick or squeeze the acne, as these actions can cause the infection and induce the growth of cysts.

Sometimes, the tendency to get the acne is hereditary, the hormones, pregnancy, and even the stress can boost-up the process.

The acne can appear due to side effects of some testosterone, steroids and some other drugs. Profuse sweating and the dense humidity are also one of the main causes of acne. Some dermatologists think that  the diets high in refined sugar can lead to the acne outbreaks. There is not any confirmed evidence available about all the junk food directly lead to acne or not, although  various researching are going on finding the fact.

We all know that clogging pores can lead to acne, therefore we should take an extra care to keep the pores dirt and the debris free. If you want to help your pores stay clean you should wash your face twice a day by the warm solution of water  and mild soap. Dermatologists recommend the use of the water based skin care product instead of the oil based.  With the oil based products, the chance of clogging pores is higher, which can cause acne.

It is inappropriate to wear the hats and headbands because they don’t let the pores to breathe properly. Try to minimize the contact between the potential acne breakout areas and the hands to keep dirt away from the hands out of the pores.

Different forms of medications are available in the form of ointments and in a pill which can treat the acne well. These medications help by killing the bacteria, drying around acne and also promote the new and healthy skin growth.

It is not a good idea to treat acne with the sun exposure, because the ultraviolet rays can cause more damage as compare to the acne itself. Actually, the sun doesn’t help in treatment but only masks the infected area and makes it less visible.

For the treatment of the severe acne the treatments like the laser therapy and chemical peels are available, but it is recommended to go for these methods only in the severe cases. In the case of the moderate to severe acne you can have the short course of prescription oral antibiotics which will help in reducing the fight inflammation and also the bacteria.

The  treatment for acne demands a lot of patience from your side,  it can take up to two months to get the required response.

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