Beauty Myths Busted


When it comes to beauty, there are loads of myths around. I thought I’d take a look at five myths and dispel them.

Myth 1: Expensive Cosmetics Work Better Then In-Expensive Ones
Verdict: False
The price of a cosmetic product has little bearing on it’s effectiveness. There are some cheaply priced cosmetics that work wonderfully well whilst there are also some expensive products that are less effective.

Myth 2: If a Cosmetic Product Makes Your Skin Tingle It Means It’s Working
Verdict: False
The tingling sensation you get when you apply any cosmetic product to your skin means that your skin is being irritated, not helped.

Myth 3: Only Teenagers Get Acne
Verdict: False
Unfortunately you can get acne at any age. As most acne is due to hormone levels, women often get acne whilst pregnant and when they reach menopause.

Myth 4: Your Hair Gets Used to Your Shampoo
Verdict: False
Your hair cannot adapt to different types and kinds of shampoo. However if your hair is subjected to different styling products, it may be that your shampoo loses it’s effectiveness.

Myth 5: Pluck a Grey Hair and Three Will Replace It
Verdict: False
If you pluck a grey hair, you are only removing one hair shaft from one follicle. The follicle can only grow one new hair in it’s place, not three.

Hopefully this will have cleaned things up a little for you.