Beauty Salon Treatments for Under 16’s

Treating the Under 16’s – Yes or No?

A questions we often get asked is “can i offer beauty treatments or nail services to under 16’s” well this is a tricky one and will come down to how you feel about offering these services.

Beauty treatments on under 16s tends to come under the Local Government Miscellaneous Provisions Act (Local Authority Licensing). Age restrictions can be enforced under local bye-laws recommending that clients under 16 have a parent or guardian present and that a consent form is signed prior to treatment. A declaration and proof of age can also be insisted on by law.

We would strongly recommend that if you plan of offering beauty services to the under 16’s you have a consent form signed by the parent/guardian and insist they stay with you for the duration of the treatment.

Advise from Habia is:

1. Check the local bye-laws in your area
2. Salons should insist that under-16s be accompanied by an adult or guardian
3. Salons should insist that appointments for under-16s are booked out of school hours
4. Salons should ask the parent or guardian to sign a consent form
5. Parents or guardians should check that the salon is covered by its insurance policy to treat under-16s
6. Tanning treatments should not be carried out on under-16s, in line with guidance from The Sunbed Association, the British Medical Association and the Health and Safety Executive