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  • 23
  • Jan 2017
The Latest Nail Trends

Fashion week isn’t just a chance for designers to flaunt their extravagant and beautiful designs to be later dwindled down into the high street fash... [ Read More ]

  • 16
  • Jan 2017
Twitter, Should I Use it For My Beauty Business?

Finding the right social platforms for your business is a trial-and-error process. Facebook is a great way to get in touch with local selling groups, ... [ Read More ]

  • 11
  • Jan 2017
5 Ways To Market Your Beauty Business

Whether you’re new or expanding, marketing is crucial to growing the clientele and profit of your salon or spa. But there are so many marketing opti... [ Read More ]

  • 11
  • Jan 2017
To Thread Or Not To Thread?

Eyebrow threading is the newest and hottest trend in brow shaping and thinning. There are lots of hair removal options out there: shaving, waxing, sug... [ Read More ]

  • 09
  • Jan 2017
How to Find New Clients

Starting up your beauty business can be pretty exciting; with friends and family paying you to do what you love best, there often feels that there’s... [ Read More ]

  • 04
  • Jan 2017
Can You Have It All?

Are you starting or looking to start a beauty business – but you also have a family to take care of? Maybe you’re a stay-at-home mom looking to ow... [ Read More ]

  • 02
  • Jan 2017
What are Acrylic Nails

When it comes to world of false nails, polishes and nail art, there are a huge array of words thrown around. From the best brands, to the top treatmen... [ Read More ]

  • 28
  • Dec 2016
Ultimate Moisturisers To Ward Against Winter

In winter, skin care is super important. With sore noses and chapped lips to look after, keeping your skin regime simple and effective will be crucial... [ Read More ]

  • 26
  • Dec 2016
How to choose the right beauty course

When thinking of careers, the beauty industry has a lot to choose from. And for each of your options, training will be vital. However, not all trainin... [ Read More ]

  • 22
  • Dec 2016
FACEBOOK LIVE – Self Tanning Demonstration

Self Tanning Demonstration Victoria’s demonstrates how to apply self tanning. This video was filmed live for a Facebook Live Event from our stu... [ Read More ]

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