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  • 02
  • Dec 2016
Party Nails Demo

Party Nails Demo Victoria’s demonstration of a part nails design. This demonstration was filmed live for a Facebook Live Event from our studio&... [ Read More ]

  • 28
  • Nov 2016
Nail products to choose when starting your beauty business

As we’ve already mentioned in a previous blog post, starting with a low budget will not give you the chance to blow a fortune on your business’s p... [ Read More ]

  • 26
  • Nov 2016
Free Hand Flower and Colour Fade Nail Art Design

Free Hand Flower and Colour Fade Nail Art Design Victoria’s demonstration of a free hand flower and colour fade nail art design. This demonstrat... [ Read More ]

  • 25
  • Nov 2016
5 Tips for starting your own beauty business

As you’ll be in charge of all the business aspects of your beauty business – from the finances and marketing – right through to the daily treatm... [ Read More ]

  • 21
  • Nov 2016
Top tips for creating yourself a home salon

Beauty by Alex If you don’t want the extra costs of hiring out a venue, consider hosting your beauty room at home. To do this, you’ll still need a... [ Read More ]

  • 19
  • Nov 2016
Why Do We Cut Our Hair When We End a Relationship?

I’ve seen many of my friends go out with guys for months or even years at a time. Each relationship is completely different and each of my frien... [ Read More ]

  • 14
  • Nov 2016
How to earn more money from your clients

How can you earn more money in your business? Here are a few idea’s to make more money from your clients: KIDS PARTIES Any beauty loving clients... [ Read More ]

  • 09
  • Nov 2016
Is Instagram a good tool for a beauty business?

Scrolling through the infinite pool of beautiful fashion OOTD posts, beauty queens in their essence, and interior design inspiration photos on Instagr... [ Read More ]

  • 20
  • Oct 2016
2016 Halloween Nail Art Competition

Our latest nail art competition has started. Join in and upload your halloween nail art designs for your chance to win so exclusive nail art prizes. T... [ Read More ]

  • 02
  • Oct 2016
Why Use Leave-In Conditioner

When it comes to hair care, one of the common questions is whether to use leave-in conditioner on your hair or not. The answer depends on the type of ... [ Read More ]

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