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  • 27
  • Feb 2017
Natural and Organic Beauty Business ideas

If you’re look for something to give your beauty business an edge, opting for natural and organic products will give clients the impression that you... [ Read More ]

  • 20
  • Feb 2017
Safety Nails: The polish that saves lives Ways to organise polishes

Back in 2014, there was talk of a safety nail polish that would soon hit the streets. The safety element came from the fact that the polish would chan... [ Read More ]

  • 13
  • Feb 2017
Male Beauty Audience: What should you be offering?

Diversity in the work place is as important for beauty services as it is for office employment. Offering services that accommodate for absolutely ever... [ Read More ]

  • 06
  • Feb 2017
Why You Need an Accredited Beauty Course

When finding the right beauty course to meet your needs and help you in your career as a beauty therapist, or even starting your own beauty business, ... [ Read More ]

  • 01
  • Feb 2017
What’s The Difference Between Gel Extensions and Gel Polish

Making the world of nail treatments a little more confusing, there are different types of gel services. Unlike acrylics which use a chemical compound ... [ Read More ]

  • 30
  • Jan 2017
Body Massage, Why You Should Offer It

Thanks to films and tv programmes, one of the first things that comes to mind when someone says ‘beauty treatment’ is body massage. Whether the ch... [ Read More ]

  • 25
  • Jan 2017
Should You Offer Eyelash Extensions At Your Salon?

Eyelash extensions are trending in the media right now, with celebrities like Beyoncé and Adele swearing by fake lashes’ magical properties. With s... [ Read More ]

  • 23
  • Jan 2017
The Latest Nail Trends

Fashion week isn’t just a chance for designers to flaunt their extravagant and beautiful designs to be later dwindled down into the high street fash... [ Read More ]

  • 16
  • Jan 2017
Twitter, Should I Use it For My Beauty Business?

Finding the right social platforms for your business is a trial-and-error process. Facebook is a great way to get in touch with local selling groups, ... [ Read More ]

  • 11
  • Jan 2017
5 Ways To Market Your Beauty Business

Whether you’re new or expanding, marketing is crucial to growing the clientele and profit of your salon or spa. But there are so many marketing opti... [ Read More ]

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