Beauty Tips while Travelling

When you’re travelling, there are often more pressing things on your mind, such as: how much money is the bus? Do I have money? Where does the bus go? Is that man going to mug me?

Unfortunately, there are always things to worry about when you’re travelling abroad, so you’ll always be occupied with them. Don’t worry, though, because we have made a guide for you to look great while you stress overseas, with these easy beauty tips that will guarantee that you look great every day, even when you’re backpacking and sleeping in tents most of your trip.

Pack light

Keeping your skin hydrated is something that will be of the highest priority, especially when you’re travelling in the air. Use a light cream rather than a heavy moisturiser, as the latter will make you look oily. A light cream is one that applies and dries quickly – but if you’re even more of a rush, just use a bit of concealer and lotion and apply to your face.

Hide any smudges quickly

Made a bit of a mistake rushing from Wallert to the airport? Don’t fret, you don’t have to go back to your Eucalypt home and wash it all out and start from scratch. Instead, what you could you is use a creamy concealer to break down the existing makeup, which will then blend out.

Hide your bags

That couple in the hostel keeping you up all night? Hide those unsightly eye bags easily by applying an apricot coloured concealer to the offending locations on your face to neutralise the colour. If it’s puffiness that is the problem, however, then you may have to work a little more: simply applying concealer will make the light reflect off of it, emphasising its puffiness. Instead, you should work and apply mascara to your top eyelashes to take away from this.


Exhaustion taking away from your normally healthily radiant complexion? No worries. If you’re feeling tired or queasy, all you have to do is apply a simple shimmer powder to your nose, cheeks, and lips so that you can look completely alive. Alternatively, if you have problems with dry skin, try instead a blend of lip balm and a cream gloss to keep yourself looking even more fabulous.

Moisturise your lips

Always keep your lips moisturised. You’ll often encounter dry and cracked lips, which are unsightly and feel terrible, when you’re travelling. The best way to remedy this? Not surprisingly, it involves bringing lip treatment. Try something medicated so that your lipstick doesn’t smudge.

Sarah Paige wants to work part time at the community of Wallert.