Latest Beauty News: The Bold Eyebrow Trend

bold-eyebrow-trend-makeup-ideas-mainWorking in the beauty industry, we like to keep up with all the latest trends and there’s one trend that is certainly highly sought after by beauty clients at the moment – bold eyebrows.

The bold eyebrow trend is a little like Marmite – you either love it or hate it but thanks to a plethora of celebrities recently seen sporting the look, Brooke Shields, the Olsen twins and Denise Richards to name just a few, the trend is experiencing a rise in popularity. So as a beauty technician, how is this trend going to affect you? Well some clients who usually come in for eyebrow shaping might decide to visit less often as they grow their brows. However here’s how you need to react to this emerging trend:

  1. Educate – it’s worth letting your clients know that bold brows do not mean bushy brows and that to achieve the well-groomed celebrity look, eyebrow shaping is still required.
  2. Consultation – for clients who want to get the bold brow look, it’s worth having a few pictures of how the look differs on different celebrities, especially in relation to their face shape. This will allow you to discuss whether the look will suit the client and how best to achieve it as the bold brow can have different profiles.
  3. Groom – when it comes to creating the look on your clients, it’s all about getting brows with clean edges and an even profile. Tweeze the centre to ensure mono brows don’t occur and tweeze the outer edges to remove stray hairs. Use a brow pencil to fill in any gaps to create the A list look.
  4. Highlight – unlike tweezed, arched eyebrows you shouldn’t be highlighting the area under the brows. Instead use a primer on the area and extend eye-colour.
  5. Emphasise – bold eyebrows draw attention away from the eyes so to compensate and really enhance this area, keep eye-colour neutral using beige and brown shades for a look of natural beauty. Use volumising mascara but keep eye liner slim-line.

By following these simple tips, you can help your clients look fabulous and make the most financially of this latest trend.