UK Woman Speand £18,000 on Beauty Products

beauty productsIts no secret the woman spend money on beauty products but in a recent study we now know women spend more every year on moisturisers and foundations than on any other beauty products!

Superdrug, the leading high street retailer, recently completed a study and found that women spend on average more than £18,000 in their lifetime on make-up and skincare products.

This breaks down as £279.41 per year between the ages of 18 and 82, the survey shows, with women spending £147.46 on make-up and £131.95 on skincare.

Moisturisers cost women £44.48 annually, according to the research, with expenditure on foundation at £27.96.

Moisturisers are also the most commonly bought product, along with cleansers and face wipes. In total, the 2,000 women surveyed bought 38 products each for their faces per year.

Sarah Sharp, the retailer’s head of cosmetics, fragrance and accessories, said, “£18,000 sounds like a lot of money, but actually over the course of almost 65 years we’re sure most women will agree that it’s money well spent.”

Sharp added that the figures are much higher for the niche market that only buy high-end beauty products, speculating that the spend could in this sector could be thousands rather than hundreds of pounds each year.