Introducing Gellux From Salon Systems

Introducing Gellux From Salon Systems

Professionals within the nail art, manicure or beauty industry want to give their customers the best possible results when it comes to beautiful nails. They want to offer a nail polish that is chip and peel resistant, lasts a long time and comes in a broad spectrum of colours for a stylish look, whatever the occasion. That is why many professional salons are starting to offer Gellux gel polish from Salon Systems. Read on to find out a bit more about the brand and the Gellux range.

Who Are Salon Systems?
Salon Systems are brand leaders in the professional beauty category and offer a wide range of beauty products to salons. Covering a range of treatments from lash enhancements to waxing and skincare, their philosophy as a company is to develop high quality products that are easy to use but give effective results. Amongst their product range is the Gellux nail collection – offering both the high quality you would expect from Salon Systems as well as long-lasting colour. 

What is Gellux?
Part of the Profile range designed specifically for nail professionals, the Gellux collection incorporates long-lasting gel polishes along with base coats, top coats and UV lamps for curing. Gellux can be used on natural nails or a variety of nail extensions for a great look and is easy and hassle free to apply. Unlike ordinary nail polishes, Gellux gel polishes dry virtually instantly under UV or LED lamp light so there is no chance of smudges whilst the high-gloss finish is chip and peel resistant which means that Gellux nails can last for fifteen days.

Gellux gel polish is easy to remove too, both on natural and artificial nails. First the top glossy layer is buffed off with a 180 file and then the Gellux nail polish is soaked off using specially designed ‘Soak Off Gel Remover’ from Gellux with lint or cotton wool and aluminium foil for fifteen minutes. This gives the gel polish a crumbly texture, allowing it to be easily removed from the nails using a cuticle stick – causing no damage to natural nails at all.

What Colours do Gellux Offer?
With new shades of nail colour being released all the time by Salon Systems, the Gellux colour range contains hundreds of different colours. For those who love peaches and pinks, Rose Damask, Ocean Coral and Berry Smoothie are popular shades. Bolder red shades include Oriental Poppy and Devil Red whilst the purple pallet includes Vampire Blood, African Violet and Black Tulip. Blue shades range from light shades such as Blue Lagoon through to sparkling options like Blue Diamond Glitter whilst other tastes in nail colour are also well catered for by shades such as Wild Mink and Ice Yellow.

Image Credit: Eye Candy Nails Nic Senior
So if you’re looking for long-lasting nail colour that is easy and effective to apply and remove, then try out the Gellux nail collection from Salon Systems – offering fifteen days of wearable colour, there is a shade for every client.