Jessica GELeration Review by Kate Hewitt-Taylor

We all have a product or brand we couldn’t live without and in my case my clients wouldn’t let me either! Mine has to be Jessica’s GELeration, the beauty of Jessica nails but with the longevity and strength of a Gel.

GELeration is a gel polish that combines a gel with a nail polish. It has a fantastic range of products including some of Jessica’s bestselling Jessica custom colours, GELeration polishes create a 3 week manicure for my clients, with no chipping, no smudging and they are instantly dry once cured in the uv or led lamp, great for clients that never have time to wait for them to dry. What I love about Jessica’s GELeration is they give your clients perfect glossy nails every time whist protecting the natural nail, so even after the gels are soaked off the natural nails underneath look in fantastic condition. I have never had any problems when using GELeration, they last for ages, never peel off or lift; I always have had great feedback from my clients and would never use anything else.

Products used to create these fab nails-

Gel prep cushion– Buffed over the nails its very kind to the natural nail; it gently prepares the natural nail for a GEleration manicure.

Clarify Nail cleanser– I love this product, it is an oil free clarifier to remove any dust and oil from the natural nail and then is used to remove any sticky residue from the finish sealer.

Prep Nail primer – Prep is applied on the natural nail to remove any excess moisture or oil from the nail plate, preparing it for the gel application, an essential part of the prefect gel application, helps the gels adhere to the natural nail.

Start base– Where it all starts to come to together, start is applied leaving a flexible and durable thin layer, giving optimum adhesion for the gels.

GELeration polish– Here’s where the fun is!  Whether your colour is a deep red like Cherrywood or gold sparkle like Sequins, GELeration has the colour for you. Curing in 120secs in a UV lamp, the gels slide on perfect every time, each polish gives on average 80 applications and is soaked off in just under 15 minutes.

Finish Sealer – This sealer is lovely, it seals your gels to a smooth finish while protecting the gels and leaving a high glossy shine that doesn’t fade or dull down. I had mine on for 4 weeks traveling around Thailand and they stayed shinny the whole time!!

Jessica GELeration is competitively priced and provides great results, they offer GELeration kits and fantastic offers as well, it’s the one I brand I always have with me!