Colored Contacts: A Lens for Every Occasion

Accessorising is the easiest way to keep up with trends and enhance your look without blowing a budget. How about the new seasonal colour electric lime? A few strands of cheap and cheerful electric lime beads will set off any little black dress or crisp white linen shirt, having a dramatic and refreshing look without you having to spend a fortune buying an entire wardrobe to match.

And we have all used the latest makeup and hair colour tricks to enhance our looks, so that we can look the very best that we possibly can. But who would have thought that we would also start using coloured contact lenses as the finishing touch or perfect accessory to an outfit?

They Use Them on Runways

Well, the latest fashion items that are hot off the runway are just that – coloured and patterned lenses for every occasion. Just as we accessorise our outfits with bags, shoes, jewellery, hair accessories and make up, now we can finish the look perfectly by popping in any coloured contact lens for a dramatic finish.

What is fast becoming an irresistible trend, fashionistas everywhere are stocking up on their favourite colours to match their mood and their look. But because the lenses are available in just about every colour under the sun and a multitude of patterns and designs, it can be impossible to know which ones will suit you; it is not like you can just try these things on and pop them back on the rack.

What Colour Do I Choose?

A good rule of thumb is to have a look at your skin tone – no matter what colour you have made your hair, or what you are wearing, or even how much make up you put on, the defining factor will always be skin tone. People with warm tones, such as those with olive skin, may want to go with a warm hazel, green or violet colour to bring out the ‘oliveness’. People with cool skin tones and pale skin may also like green, blue and violet lenses, as brown or hazel may not have the effect you might be looking for. Of course, you may want to make a dramatic statement by choosing something outlandish or dare it be said, eye-catching.

The lenses not only come in different colours, they have different sizes and multi coloured textures, and you can actually make your eyes look wider or narrower as you wish. And for a bit of party fun, there are red, white and other freaky colours that will be the perfect addition for any dress up party.

Make Sure You Know What You’re Doing

They are quite tricky to get in at first. You may wish to visit your optometrist for a check-up to see that you don’t need corrective lenses, and they can give you a trial pair until you get the hang of putting them in and taking them out without tearing them or damaging your eye.

Now your makeup wardrobe can take on another dimension completely and by using the right lens colour, combined with the right eyeliner and eye shadow colour, your look can suddenly go from pretty to drop dead gorgeous with the bat of an eyelid. Ordering contact lenses online has never been easier.

Have you ever used coloured contact lenses to enhance your features, match an outfit or for a dress up party? Which one was your favourite?

Chelsea Hasbrouck is a beauty technician and an outfitter. She enjoys sharing her experiences and stories on various beauty and shopping blogs.