How to Get Crease Free Eyes

EYE by wheels3217, on FlickrThey say the eyes are the windows to the soul. Nobody would disagree with that. After all, except for a few cultures, we are required to look into one another’s eyes when we communicate. But looking into each other’s eyes also means we have to keep our eyes young and sparkling so other people would like to look into them, longer and deeper. The qualities of youthful eyes aren’t hard to spot. Youthful eyes have less creases and wrinkles. Youthful eyes are devoid of deep crow’s feet that can age you especially when you smile. Some people would say they love their laugh lines after all they’re different from frown lines. But a wrinkle is a wrinkle. And semantics won’t change what it is, a facial line that crops up when you fail to moisturize religiously and observe a balanced diet.

As with anything related to beauty, preventive measures are less costly than restorative ones. So in the case of eyes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The eye area begins to thin when you are in your 30s. If you look closely, this is when you will begin to spot a slight crepey quality to your eyelids. This is especially noticeable when you apply matte eye shadow. If as a twenty-something you wore sunblock and applied a suitable moisturizer, there would definitely be less of the crepey characteristic around your eyes. But don’t despair, there are eye products designed to nourish the eye area and plump up the thinner skin around the eyes so lines are less visible.

If you are sensitive to eye creams, you’ll be glad to know that your average moisturizer will work just as well. Just pat a thicker amount around the eye area since the skin is thinner and more prone to wrinkling. Some beauty experts also advice that to prevent any kind of wrinkle from forming, you should also sleep on your back, taking care that your face isn’t squashed into pillows or sheets while asleep. It’s the same principle behind the parallel lines between your bows, squint lines and crow’s feet that you are said to develop if you furrow your brow or squint into the horizon often enough.

Skimpy lashes can also make your eyes look less defined, and this would definitely cause you to look older. The quick fix solution to this is more cosmetic than preventive. Eyelash primers, mascaras, and eyelash extensions will give you thick, lustrous lashes in an instant, and in the case of lash extensions, an hour or so. But if you’d want a more long term solution to your eyelash woes, an eyelash growth product, Revitalash reviews has its name on excellent. This product works by extending the growth stage of lashes so long, lustrous lashes develop.

There you have it; if you want your eyes to be beauteous windows to your soul, keep them youthful with the right products!