New Eye Studio Color Tattoo Eye Shadow By Maybelline Provides A Bold Colorful Look For Winter

eye studio colour tattoo

Bold, vibrant shades and hues in eye shadow have been in high demand for quite some time now. There have been several products manufactured by leading cosmetic brands that claim to give you the silky smooth texture and colorful shades that you crave but many have not been able to deliver the striking results that many customers have hoped for, until now.

Maybelline has just recently launched a new line of eye shadow which they have named Color Tattoo. This product is said to be one of the longest lasting eye shadows available with its unique creamy gel formula, the product goes on smooth without leaving behind a light powdery residue. Instead you are left with a bold colorful appearance that is just perfect for the upcoming holiday season. The crease proof Eye Studio eye shadow promises not to fade even if you choose to wear it for a full 24 hour period. There is a wide variety of intense colors and shades available in the Eye Studio Tattoo Eye Shadow collection from neutral tones to bright blues, pinks and purples that will help to compliment your dramatic appearance.

Based on many customer reviews that have been posted online about this product, Maybelline has finally been able to provide customers with a quality eye shadow formula that is as intense as it is practical. Most customers enjoy the wide selection of colors that are available to them so that they can mix and match to compliment their winter wardrobe. The smooth application is a plus that many users have commented on and the fact that this eye shadow lasts for so long without fading is just another reason why you should give it a try if you are interested in creating a striking look with your eye makeup.

Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo Eye Shadow is available now at most drugstores, retail stores and department stores as well as many major online merchants such as and The price from one retailer to the next ranges from around $4 to $7 and it is available in a 0.14 ounce round container that allows simple and easy application. The colors range from neutral and metallic tones like Audacious Asphalt and Tough as Taupe to extreme color choices like Tenacious Teal, Pomegranate Punk, Painted Purple and Edgy Emerald that are all sure to turn heads no matter where you go.

If you have grown tired of how your eye shadow fades throughout the day and have been searching for a product that will provide you with all day wear, this eye shadow is definitely worth a try. Maybelline is a brand that has been trusted for many years for providing customers with quality cosmetic products and the low cost of this new eye shadow line allows you to try out more than one shade without harming your budget so that you can find your favorite tones and hues from this new eye color collection.  Take a moment to check out the many 5-star ratings that can be found online regarding these products and see for yourself what others have been saying about this innovative new item that is sure to be one of the hottest beauty buys for the 2012 winter season.

Sandra Hamilton writes for Lifesure Beauty Insurance. Sandra has had many years of blogging experience on a wide range of topics including health and beauty.