To Thread Or Not To Thread?

Eyebrow threading is the newest and hottest trend in brow shaping and thinning. There are lots of hair removal options out there: shaving, waxing, sugars, creams, dyes, the list goes on and on. Threading is getting a lot of attention recently for the effective—and satisfying—way it removes facial hair.

But is it really better than more traditional methods? And should you offer it at your own salon?


The Benefits of Eyebrow Threading

Long Lasting Results

Hair removal clients typically care most about how long the treatment will last. While waxing can cause the hairs to break and not be fully removed, eyebrow threading removes the hair from the follicle each time. This means that it will last longer and prevent ingrown hairs. Clients can go 6 to 10 weeks without threading again, which is almost double the time of waxing. Threading also causes the hair to grow back finer with each session, creating a long-term beauty solution.

Precise Shape

Shaping eyebrows is easier with threading, since the professional is able to remove a single hair or a row of hairs with significant precision. Clients won’t be leaving with oddly shaped brows due to waxing or sugaring missteps.

Less Hair Between Appointments

With waxing, clients have to wait until their hair is a certain length in order for the wax to pick up the hairs. This can be unsightly and challenging to coordinate with one’s lifestyle. Because threading is so precise, it can be done earlier than waxing or tweezing, saving clients from having unwanted hair in-between sessions.

Less Pain

Although not pain free, threading typically causes less discomfort than waxing or sugaring. There is less redness and swelling afterwards, so your client doesn’t have to avoid going out in public the rest of the day. Also, since there is no use of harsh chemicals or dyes, it is less likely your customer will have allergies or sensitivities.

Time and Cost Effective

Threading is a low-cost option for both owner and client, as the only tools needed are thread, sanitation tools, and the cost of labor. It also typically only takes 3-5 minutes per eyebrow, so threading is a quick and easy way to shape brows in between other salon treatments or on the way to work.

Should you offer threading at your business?

There are five main factors that customers consider when deciding on a hair removal method: length of results, pain, time, cost, and look. The benefits of threading generally meets these needs of the client better than most other hair removal methods.

But is it profitable?

As mentioned earlier, there are not a lot of overhead costs that go into offering threading besides manpower and simple tools. As long as you have a sanitary environment and a suitable qualification as a threading artist, there is no real financial burden to include threading at your salon.

In fact, threading is a great selling point and add-on service. Threading is a hot trend right now, so you may be able to pull new customers in the door who may not otherwise come in. It is also an easy way to add on to a sale: if someone is getting a haircut, they can get matching, reshaped eyebrows in under ten minutes! Offering these add-on services, like threading, helps to turn a one-time customer into a repeat, full-service client.

While threading may not be for everyone, it is the right solution for a lot of people. Consider the benefits to your salon and your clients if you were to include the threading trend to brighten your customer’s face and boost your business!