Bagging Yourself the Right Bag

Many of us take for granted these days the simple bag. However it must be noted that it is an important part of our daily lives, whether we use them to do our shopping or to carry our bathing-costume and blow-up whale on holiday. The bag allows us to carry more than we can carry ourselves in our hands and so are a great help in many situations. However because there are many circumstances where a bag is required, it is vital that you choose the correct bag for the job as there are many factors to consider regarding design, size, strength of material and modifications such as wheels for easy carry.

Shopping Bags

Shopping bags are usually intended only as a temporary solution for getting your shopping home from the shops. As a result they do not need to be of a particularly high quality and are usually made from only thin plastic or paper and many are designed to be disposable. As we become increasingly conscious of the environment some businesses are coming under increasing pressure to use recycled goods and shopping bags are no exception. Although not necessarily made to last some shopping bags have some smart designs that help to promote the shop they originated from. Some people may even choose to reuse a shopping bag if it came from their favourite shop or even just because they think it looks good. Furthermore many are choosing to use weave and jute bags because they are reusable and strong.


While handbags are usually used only by ladies they are still among the most commonly found type of bag there is. Ideal for carrying lots of small trinkets such as make-up and telephones, a handbag can contain a surprising number of items that help the owner to be prepared for any eventuality. Handbags are often more than just something for carrying items in; they can also be fashion items that help the owner to look their best. Ask a lady what is on top of her Christmas wish-list and there’s a good chance that she will say a handbag.


Whether you are going away on holiday or on business you will need to take spare clothes, toiletries and other items with you and luggage bags are ideal for the job. Luggage bags such as those by Samsonite are generally designed to carry a large volume of items so you can pack all that you need for your stay. Because luggage items hold many items they are often heavy so you can expect to find wheels at the base of the luggage along with a handle at the top so the luggage can be easily pulled along. With your luggage on wheels it is then much easier for you to move around airports and hotels with relatively little effort.

Ruck Sack

The ruck sack does a similar job to the luggage bag, but with a difference. The ruck sack is also suited for carrying a large volume of items; only this time it is better suited for travelling over rough terrain. Backpackers often do a lot of walking where the wheels of suitcase on a Samsonite would be useless. Therefore instead of using wheels, the backpack is mounted on the owner’s back instead. With their hands free for balancing and holding on to things for support, the backpackers hence find it much easier to negotiate uneven terrain even while carrying surprisingly large loads. Furthermore these bags are designed to sit comfortably on the back and offer many innovative ideas such as inbuilt water packs and rugged stitching and straps to match the terrain that it will be competing with.


For business people that need to carry important documents around with them a briefcase is perfect for the job. The briefcase is just the right size and shape to carry what is needed without being too cumbersome and is not too much of a burden even when a suit being worn. Because of the often valuable or sensitive nature of the contents of a briefcase they usually come with locks so access is restricted. When the contents of a briefcase are particularly important it may even be cuffed to the owner to prevent the briefcase from being lost or stolen.

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