Celebrating the Hourglass Figure

Why is it that the fashion industry and the media seem to be working so hard to promote a shapeless and androgynous look as the ideal image of a woman when we all know it is an unrealistic ideal and if we were being sensible we wouldn’t want to look like that anyway! Real woman have curves, regardless of their actual body shape, and men love them, so let’s celebrate feminine beauty rather than trying to hide it!

The Real Ideal

The womanly shape that is considered by many to be the ideal is the hourglass. This is the ultimate feminine physique and woman who possess it are fortunate indeed. An hourglass figure is characterised by a generous bust and curvaceous hips crowned by a clearly defined waist. Because woman with hourglass figures are balanced and in proportion they are blessed by being able to pull off many different styles but it is astonishing how many of them insist on wearing the very things that will cover up their lovely figure, hide their waists and generally conceal all their curves. Come on girls it is time for a change of attitude, if you’ve got it, flaunt it!

Undressing the Hourglass

So if you are one of the fortunate 9% who possess the holy grail of the hourglass body what should you avoid wearing? For a start lose all thoughts of baggy jumpers, heavy knitwear, shapeless dresses and masculine shirts. These will all hide your waist and make you look square. Too many embellishments will make you look heavy and deflect interest from your natural beauty. Ensure you are wearing a correctly fitted bra to make the best of your boobs and avoid styles that conceal or flatten them! Try not to wear high necklines and roll necks as these make your chest appear out of proportion and low rise jeans are generally a bad idea as you will have trouble getting a good fit and they do nothing for your waist!

What You Should Really Wear

So what styles should you consider wearing? Well the short answer is anything that shows off your figure rather than conceals it. Look for styles that emphasise your waist like wrap tops, slim fit shirts and pencil skirts. For many ladies this is counter intuitive but be brave and understand that hiding your waist to conceal the size of your hips does not make you look slimmer. It only serves makes you look bigger! Women are supposed to have hips so unleash them. Try fitted dresses and those fashioned from light, clingy fabrics and try adding belts for an extra cinch at the waist. Look for pieces with V necks and sweetheart necklines as these will show off your bust and keep it visually in proportion with your hips. Wear lightweight knit wear to avoid adding bulk and use layers for warmth rather than heavy materials. Avoid bold patterns and keep to simple monochrome pieces that emphasize your body, don’t hide behind a garish print!

The Rules

The golden rule is to keep it light and simple. Celebrate the curves, accentuate the waist and stop camouflaging yourself with garish colours, ornate patterns and shapeless clothes. You will be astonished at the reaction you get!

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