How to Choose the Right Dresses for Your Bridesmaids

While your wedding is most definitely special for you, you can make it one to remember for your bridal party as well. As a treat to your bridesmaids for being a significant part of your nuptials, choose dresses for them that they would love to wear and eventually keep in their closets for future use. Choosing the right bridesmaids dresses can be tricky, but you can succeed by following the tips below.

Consider the Girls’ Shapes and Sizes

Before choosing a style, consider the body types of your girls first. Keep in mind that your bridesmaids come in different shapes and sizes, so do not attempt to make them wear the same style of dress. What is flattering for someone tall and curvy would not work for somebody slim and petite. Do not force your bridesmaids to wear something that they would never have chosen for themselves, even if you are the one in charge; there are other ways to stand out without making the bridal party look ugly.

If you insist on having a uniform look, make sure to pick a style that is suitable to most body types, such as A-line silhouettes. You may also choose a color and fabric, and just let the girls choose their own dress style.

Select the Right Colours

Speaking of colours, also choose the hues of your bridesmaids’ dresses carefully. Think about what will work best with their hair colours and complexions. If your bridal party consists of women with fair skin, you may opt for pastels because these are the most flattering. To save yourself from much stress, just go for a color that will look good on everyone regardless of the color of their skin and hair. Black is a good choice, but if it is too somber for you, dark colors like navy and hunter green are good alternatives.

Choose Based on Wearability

It is no secret that many a bridesmaid’s dress have been stored in the backs of closets and were never worn again. Your bridal party will certainly love you if you choose for them frocks they can wear again after you say “I do.” After all, every woman needs the space in her wardrobe. Hence, before you pick a specific style, decide whether or not the garment can be used again.

Think of the Price Tag

Your girls may love you, but this does not mean they will pay more than they can afford to get the bridesmaid’s dress you want. Their current financial situation may prevent them from getting the dress you want, even if they like the dress too. If any of your bridesmaids cannot stretch their dress budget, you should offer to pay for the excess.

Guarantee Comfort

Just like your wedding dress, the dresses of your bridal party should not only be stylish but comfortable too. Like you, your bridesmaids should be able to move freely in their dresses. They may not be hugging as many people as you and husband-to-be, but they will dancing and walking around a lot. Therefore, you should pick dresses that are not torturous to wear.

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