Classic Fashion Pieces You Should Buy to Round Out Your Wardrobe

No matter how large or how small your budget, you can always step out in style. Regardless of how much trends change, some timeless pieces of clothing always remain fashionable. You can add to your look with personal accessories for a unique twist. Some of these timeless pieces are specific items your closet should always contain; others are general categories or types of clothing that are always stylish.

Black Dress

Some people do not realize the classic elegance and versatility a simple black dress can offer. You can wear this dress to a cocktail party, to a semi-formal dinner or out for drinks with friends. If you want to add a special touch to your dress, you might consider wearing a scarf in an eye-catching color. You can also add a beautiful broach or an interesting necklace. When you pick out accessories for your classic look, think outside of the box. You might choose a wide belt or a skinny belt. Fishnet stockings, when appropriate, will make you stand out. Even your make-up adds to your look; a deep red lipstick can contrast dramatically with the black outfit.

Casual Wear

Some pieces of clothing that never go out of style will work for every season. These include colorful knit tops, which can be timeless treasures for your closet. Next, you should never be without a white, fitted button-down shirt. This tells the world that you know fashion and you know style. The color blends with most anything and the button-down style adds a touch of class. A handsome blazer can be perfect for anything from an interview to a school meeting. This is a timeless classic that tells the world that you have arrived.

Flexible Wear

A beautiful cardigan sweater is always an elegant addition to your wardrobe. The name speaks for itself and tells people you know how to dress. It is hard to believe that the sweater first appeared more than 150 years ago. Today it remains as popular as ever. Jeans are also a reliable standby for any wardrobe; be sure to select a timeless dark-wash denim in a classic style. You should also keep a trench coat to wear at appropriate times. This coat is timeless and stylish for many different occasions.

Formal Wear
Do you have a formal party to attend in the future, but you are short on money to purchase a new outfit? You can look elegant without breaking the bank. Simply think of the classic looks of fashion icons like Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe. The first thing is to keep your color tones neutral. You can add just a hint of pattern or vibrancy. The colors you should consider are ivory, white and black. If you must wear bright colors, you can do so as long as you choose your complimentary accessories carefully along with elegant shoes.

Finally, it is important to remember that accessorizing is the key to a complete look. If you select the greatest pair of shoes, but your handbag does not blend, or your jewelry is totally out of character, then your complete outfit will not work. If you wear high heels, for example, you are demonstrating sophistication. If you prefer low heels, adding a small bow for detailing can help you create your desired look. At the end of the day, of course, the only person who can decide what makes the ideal outfit for you is you.

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Guest post contributed by Zoe Plescia on behalf of who stock the Sloggi. Zoe is a freelance fashion writer. Extensively involved in clothes design, her articles appear on various fashion blogs.