Dressing To Impress in the Office

Why is it when you watch television, all the women that work in offices turn up in to-die-for outfits with matching accessories and immaculate hair styles? The answer is simple – it’s television and those actresses haven’t overslept, got dressed and made up in just ten minutes and crossed the city on public transport. However all is not lost, I’m going to share with you five top tips for dressing to impress in the office.

Tip #1: Keep it Smart Although many offices have relaxed the rules on what to wear to the office in recent years, it doesn’t mean that you have to dress down. The office is still the ideal place to wear tailored dresses, jackets and trousers and by doing so, you will create a work wardrobe which ensures a different look at work than at home, ideal for separating the two aspects of your life.

Tip #2: Wear Heels Heels, whether just a small heal or ultra high heels, immediately dress up any outfit. I know that they’re not super practical, especially for rushing round on public transport so keep a pair of heels at work and change into them when you arrive.

Tip #3: Keep Some Essentials at Work No doubt you already have some essential hair and make up items either at work or in your handbag but do you also have a change of clothes at work? By having a fresh set of clothes available, you can easily change if the worst happens such as you spill coffee down your top, you ladder your tights or the hem opens on your skirt.

Tip #4: Add Jewellery Jewellery is another item that always ‘dresses-up’ an outfit. By teaming simple yet sophisticated rings, bracelets and pendants with your work wardrobe, you can help give it just a touch of glamour. It also allows you to alter outfits and give them a new lease of life – perfect for if your office wardrobe is a capsule wardrobe.

Tip #5: Use Accessories Accessories such as scarfs and handbags can also alter the way an outfit looks which is ideal for creating variations on your look at the office. So next time you’re out shopping for work wear, think about the accessories and jewellery that can help bring the look together.