How Did European Fashion Infiltrate the United Kingdom?

What Has Changed?

There are several ways in which the United Kingdom has learned from mainland Europe in recent years, and fashion is possibly the biggest. Of course, different lifestyles and European cuisine has also became much more prominent in the UK, which is arguably down to greater levels of migration to the country and the attractiveness of living in London.

Fashion is a different beast altogether, however, and some of the common trends that we have seen in Europe for years have not been especially quick in being followed in the UK. Part of the problem has obviously been the weather, with the more summer orientated looks not being used due to the sheer unpredictability of the British climate.

Part two has undoubtedly been the general stubbornness of UK men. I would be reluctant to use the word neanderthal, but you understand what I am getting at.

Europeans have often been viewed as much more tasteful and sophisticated, so what looks have now finally transferred over and became prominent in the UK?

No Socks

Not wearing socks has been a classic European look for many years and, while still not hugely popular, is now being followed by a number of British men, especially, perhaps surprisingly, in corporate environments where there is a strong European influence. Worn with the correct shoes, not wearing socks can keep your feet cooler, odour free, and ultimately much more comfortable throughout the day.

Turning Up Trousers

Okay, so we all turn up trousers and jeans that are much too long, otherwise we would end up dragging rags along behind us as we walk. But what about the trousers that are seemingly the perfect length? On the continent, this has often been used with the previous option, sometimes to demonstrate virility and masculinity in not wearing socks. I have not quite worked out that logic yet, but if it works for them then I am not going to argue.

With bright, contrasting colours massively fashionable, turning up loud chinos to reveal even louder socks can give you a great look.

Creative Tailoring

In the UK men have dressed up a casual look with a blazer for years, but have been less daring when it comes to swapping out other elements of their formal look. Definitely a weather driven one, this, but you now see British men wearing a simple vest as part of a formal style of dress. Admittedly, this is not done yet for going to work, but surely it is only a matter of time?

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