Extravagant Celeb Birthday Bashes

When it comes to notching up another year on this floating rock celebrities don’t hold back. It’s sort of understandable though. I mean who wouldn’t want to spend their fortune drinking copiously the finest wine, gorging on the most rarefied foods, listening to the greatest music acts and all while rubbing shoulders with the most revered members of the glitterazzi? If you’re going to distract yourself from the fact you’re a year closer to carking it, what better way than flamboyance, excess and beautiful people?!

Lindsay Lohan

LiLo brings us in at the more modest end of the price range for the celebrity birthday bash. It was reported as costing roughly $100,000 (yes, this is modest compared to other entries coming up) a fee paid by Life & Style magazine which secured them papping rights.

The gig was held at the Polaroid Beach House in Malibu, featured nosh cooked up by Kerry Simon and had Dustin Hoffman’s son Jake in the DJ booth. He was often joined by Linds as she spun out some of her favourite tracks to attendees that included Nicole Richie, Courtney Love, Kate Bosworth and Owen Wilson.

Elizabeth Brooks

Arguably Elizabeth isn’t exactly a celebrity, however she became a hot topic when her old man splashed some mass moola for her 13th birthday. Daddy is one David Brooks who was a defense contractor before being prosecuted for irregularities, relating very much to his massive personal wealth and the company that helped him accrue it.

Before David was caught with his proverbial hand in the till though, he threw one hell of a shindig for his teen daughter. She fancied a line-up of musical entertainment that included Aerosmith, Stevie Nicks, 50 Cent and Ciara. She got them all. Estimated cost of the celebration? $10,000,000!

Paris Hilton

Renowned for her partying the hotel megabucks heir is maybe a shoe-in for this list. Even by her standards though the hoopla she managed to create for her 21st is pretty impressive.

In 2002 rather than opt for the traditional single celebration Paris went crazy as only she can and convinced daddy to shell out for five parties. A week of partying for Paris is still not that off the wall. Nope it isn’t, and presumably realising this she opted to have them in Los Angles, New York, Las Vegas, London and Tokyo! Brilliant! It’s believed to have worked out at about $75,000 a head. And there were a lot of heads.

The Sultan Of Brunei

For a man whose wealth is reckoned to increase at about $110 per second it is not surprising that a few friends popping round for a bevvy wasn’t going to cut it for his 50th. Honestly this guy might actually poop Benjamins?!

The party took place in 1996 and lasted an entire fortnight. Highlights included a military march, a polo match that included Prince Charles, dinner at the palace for 3000 guests and a performance by none other than the king of pop himself Michael Jackson. When the confetti had finally been swept away the cost was thought to be around $25,000,000 mark. Eep! Though fear not, that is actually only about 0.1% of his net worth for the same year…

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