Fashion Fakes: Can You Tell the Difference?

Do you ever wonder how you can tell if your high-end purse or dress is the genuine article, and not a cheap knockoff? Being able to tell the difference can be a highly useful skill because it ensures that you do not overpay for an illegal fake item. Keep these points in mind when you are looking for real fashion to ensure that you are protected.

# 1: Beware of the Internet

It is very easy to find fake purses and articles of clothing online. Of course, you can also find many quality distributors of genuine goods online. However, the problem with buying your fashion products off the internet is that it is virtually impossible to inspect them beforehand. You will not be able to check for the classic signs of a fake except by picture. Even the most reputable companies on the net have occasionally been fooled into selling fake items, so beware.

# 2: Beware of the Material Used

A real designer handbag is going to be crafted from material that is not stiff or excessively soft. It will be just the right material; over time, you will learn what a genuine item “should” feel like. If an item feels wrong, then it is best if you move onto another option.

# 3: Read the Label

Simply looking at the label is a great way to check if an item is genuine. For example, if there are words that were misspelled or words that appear to be stamped onto the label, then you would be wise in moving on to another product.

# 4: Look for a Glued Lining

If the item contains a lining that was glued and not stitched, it is most likely a fake product. When it comes to spotting fashion fakes, it is important to keep in mind that it is the tiny details that you should look for. Fashion fakes are often only going to make mistakes in those tiny details.

# 5: Beware Of Pricing

If a price for a designer product seems too good to be true, that may very well be the case. Unusually inexpensive designer products can oftentimes be less expensive for a reason – they are fake. Therefore, be particularly cautious when purchasing a low-priced item.

# 6: Check for Impeccable Threading

A real designer product is going to feature close to flawless threading. If you notice that the threading looks sloppily done, then you are most likely looking at a fashion fake.

Now you may be thinking, “Outstanding! I can buy something that looks similar to the real deal for a fraction of the cost!”That may be true if you choose to buy a substitute brand. However, keep in mind that fashion fakes that claim to be the original brand are illegal. You cannot be criminally prosecuted for unwittingly owning one of these handbags, since it can be so difficult to tell which are real. However, they can be confiscated from you, such as if it were detected while you were passing through airport security. The main thing to examine when looking for fashion fakes is the smaller details. They will give the fakes away every time.

Author Bio:

Guest post contributed by Zoe Plescia on for Damart UK. Zoe is a freelance fashion writer. She is extensively involved in clothes design, her articles appear on various fashion blogs.