High End Fashion Now Costs Less

Whilst we’d all love to wear designer jeans, shoes and dresses, flash exclusive handbags, watches and earrings, high end fashion has typically been confined to the affluent and well-heeled members of society. The good news is that what was once considered to be an enviable privilege of those with more money than sense has become considerably more realistic in recent months, meaning the average ‘girl next door’ can afford high end fashion.

Designer fashion for a commercial market
Since the recession reared its head in 2008, similar to most industries, the fashion industry has been adversely affected. What was once one of the most sought-after industries in retail has been hit hard as consumers simply don’t have the budget to spend three-figure sums simply to be seen in the latest designer trend.
In fact so cash-strapped has Britain become, that because of the economic downturn charity shops have been experiencing a record boom in business as those who have traditionally sought high end fashion have modified their fashion shopping habits in a bid to cut costs. According to a report in the Telegraph, almost a million more middle class consumers have turned to charity shops as a means of purchasing clothes, shoes and other fashion accessories.
In response to these changing consumer habits, designer brands and fashion retailers considered to be at the higher end of the market have adapted their prices so that they are more realistic to a commercial market.

Decreased prices
In order to compete in the increasingly competitive world of fashion retail, high end fashion labels have been lowering their prices and increasing availability. Popular fashion items, particularly it seems ladies’ fashion products, such as playsuits, dresses, skirts, knitwear and tops, which have a quality label attached to them, have all joined the so-called ‘fashion revolution’, and now have more realistic price tags.

From figure-hugging cat suits to loosely fitting floral prints, this season’s high end fashion has certainly not altered its emphasis on being steeped in individual style and being elegantly made, what has changed however is that boosting refreshingly lower price tags, this once widely unachievable market of fashion can now reach out to the masses.

A new savvy generation of fashion consumers have emerged as a consequence of the economic downturn – Style conscious as well as budget conscious, and for the first time ever, high end brands are delivering this sought-after combination of style and affordability.

Self-confessed designer fashion addict, Isla Finnegan wrote this blog on behalf of www.nelly.com, specialists of designer women’s clothes.