How to Achieve The ‘Un Co-Ordinated’ Spring Look

Spring 2015 has a very unique look when it comes to fashion. Most seasons have a straight forward colour scheme and style running through them. There is usually a set trend for spring skirts, fit for tops and a need to co ordinate everything together from outfit to accessories. However for spring 2016 the look is the complete opposite and coined ‘un co-ordinated style’. However that doesn’t mean simply finding something clean and putting it on, you still need to take a little time to plan your outfit to get the look right.

The key piece is still a skirt, a stable of any spring wardrobe. The skirt should generally be knee-length and A line but slightly shorter skirts or maxi skirts can still create a trendy look for the coming season. Opt for a cinched-in waist to help give yourself a feminine profile. Colours should be feminine too with pinks, lilacs and turquoises being preferred. Avoid plain skirts and instead choose one with a subtle pattern, stripes, spots or light florals are all perfect.

When it comes to tops this spring, a unisex or slightly ‘boyfriend’ style is in. Polo shirts, complete with collars are ideal although round neck t-shirts can equally be worn. Avoid oversized or baggy tops and instead opt for something a little more fitted on the body to maintain that feminine physique. Throw out the usual fashion notion of ‘one patterned and one plain’ this season as the trend is for subtle patterns on both the skirt and top. Colours should not match and they shouldn’t be shades of the same colour either. Instead choose contrasting yet complimentary shades such as a pink toned skirt with a green top, orange skirt with a purple top etc. The skirt should be a feminine shade, and the top a more masculine colour for the best results.

Choose flat shoes, either ballet pumps, boat style shoes or leather sandals for a relaxed vibe and keep jewellery simple and natural. Look for shells, brown cotton cords or subtle boho inspired jewellery to complete the look.

You should be able to achieve this spring’s look with existing wardrobe items or take a look in your local charity shop for some great low price pieces.