What are the Most Important Aspects of Fashion to Women?

Women and fashion are two things that link closely together. There are reasons for this, beyond simply women loving clothes, as is often the simplistic viewpoint employed, usually by men.

What is it that women look for in their fashion? Obviously, certain aspects will take a bigger or lesser priority depending on the occasion and reason for wearing a specific garment of clothing. We explored what women place most importance in when choosing the clothes they wear.


The very definition of fashion equates to looking great, so style is naturally something that women all around the world care about. Importantly, a winning sense of style is important to women for themselves and the impact on confidence and self-worth that it will have, not just so that they can look attractive to men, as some cynics would say.

Looking stylish can also help women feel more included in society due to appearing relevant, original, and with the times.


Comfort is something of a strange entity when it comes to fashion for both men and women.

How often do we see or hear of members of both sexes who are happy to wear something uncomfortable in the name of ‘looking good?’

Despite what conventional wisdom may point to, the fact remains that there is a large premium placed on comfort when it comes to clothes. Looking amazing isn’t anything to write home about if you are wearing restrictive, uncomfortable clothes that will leave you with blisters and bruises, among other things.


A close relation to comfort, the functional element of clothes is a vital one. Some people often forget about the need to look stylish by going for function as a means of solving a problem. For example, many buy the warmest looking hat or scarf in the winter purely for that reason, disregarding that it looks awful.

Finding a perfect balance between function and style is the key to your success, and try to take the mentality that you can’t have one without the other.

Multi-Purpose Wardrobe

While it is great to have a wardrobe for casual clothes and one for formal wear, it is a lot less stressful and demanding on your finances if you have a number of stylish items that are great for any occasion. Why spend on items that are only suitable for a specific occasion when you could alternatively have great clothes that are suitable anywhere, at anytime?

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