Ladies Fashion For The Over 50s

Just because you are over 50 doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to look and feel great! Many older ladies want to dress to express their vivacious personalities, but sometimes this can be difficult. It’s a hard balance to draw between elegance and grace, without wearing clothing that seems somehow ‘too young’ for you. Also, comfort can be an issue – like anyone, you want your clothes to be comfortable, but some older ladies place more importance on this now than they might have done when they were younger.

Shop For Your Demographic

Fortunately, many popular high street brands have cottoned on to the market for older ladies who want to look stylish, whilst enjoying comfort in their clothing and footwear. Marks and Spencer’s, in particular, have over the last few years, invested in bringing their styles up to date. The company sought to shake off the ‘frumpy’ associations that many shopper made with their brand and to create new, glamorous looks without compensating comfort or quality. As such, this is now a great place for ladies over 50 to shop. Many styles of dress and skirt are very flattering without being revealing. This shop is also especially good at creating prints which are bright and interesting (and sometimes a little daring) without being garish.

Dressing For Your Figure

As many ladies over 50 might know, it is easy to gain a little bit of weight once you reach a certain age – and very difficult to shift it again. Rather than feeling needlessly self-conscious about this (if older ladies can’t treat themselves occasionally, who can!) why not invest in some beautiful clothes that will flatter a fuller figure. High street shop Evan specialised in wonderful style in sized 14 – 32. Once again, this company proves that you don’t need to sacrifice style just because you’ve hit the Five Zero! For the more web-savvy, have a very wide range of styles of all imaginable women’s clothing, again in sized 14 – 32.

Dressing For The Season

If you are going on holiday this year, maybe you are struggling to pick out flattering beach wear! Everyone knows that older ladies are often more confident – but you might want to project an elegant and ladylike demeanour on the beach. Maxi-dresses made from light, floating materials such as muslin and silk are ideal for this. They will also keep you cool in hot climates and transition perfectly from beach to restaurant. Having said this, maxi-dresses tend to suit taller ladies best. If your aren’t so tall, try a lovely sarong or kaftan. Accessorize have a vast range of these for reasonable prices. Styles can range from muted and pastel tones, to flamboyantly bright colours with sequins. Why not get a couple and be prepared for quiet evening strolls as well as parties? Something that ladies over 50 can really pull of is a great hat. Especially with summer on the way, a lovely sun hat looks stunning and will keep those damaging UV rays away from the face. Why not be adventurous with a floppy, broad rimmed sun hat?

If You’ve Got It Flaunt It!

Whatever your style, there are lots of retailers and styles specially aimed at ladies over 50. Moreover, you have the experience of knowing which fashion flatters and which does not – even though you may have learnt the hard way, looking back at photographs and cringing; ‘what was I thinking?’ Remember to take advantage of this valuable experience and to be adventurous!

Have fun with your clothes! There’s nothing wrong with keeping ladies fashion fun and funky past 50. Perhaps add a little something every other week or so – that way your wardrobe will stay fresh and interesting!