Maxi Dresses Are Back In The UK!

Blue Jersey Maxi dress +  Cognac corduroy blazerSo maxi dresses have made a return to the UK high street. The long line of a maxi dress is style incarnate – and in a year when we’re seeing the Olympics return to London it’s hardly a wonder that the maxi dress, for so long the staple of the athletics awards ceremony, is making a comeback.

The maxi dress shows off your bod with more potential than any other dress – even than midi dresses or miniskirts. Why? Because clothing the line makes it more limber, to the point where you actually reveal more the more fabric you’re covered in.

That’s where the maxi dresses are figure hugging of course. With a racer back and a simple body hugging cut, these dresses’ll turn most wearers into an Angelina Jolie – provided of course you’ve got the right leg length to go with the cut.

Looser fitted maxi dresses tend to be more appropriate for day wear than awards ceremonies and parties – with some notable strappy exceptions. Where the straps are thin and the waist tucked in, or the dress itself is cut to tuck in below the breast line and fall straight down, an elegant party gown effect is created perfect for ladies of most shapes and sizes.

Maxi dresses look less glamorous on smaller girls – when you get down towards 5ft 4 and smaller you have to start thinking about the length of fabric against the length of body and leg. A medium sized or taller girl, though, should be thinking maxi dresses over mid-line hems if she wants to add a dash of glamour to her evening outfit.

Loose fitting maxi dresses, with floral prints and light, bright colours, are ideal for wearing over swim costumes on holiday. The loose fit of the fabric keeps you cool when you come back up from the beach – and it means you can stop in at a bar on your way home for a quick sundowner, without having to go back to the apartment first and find attire suitable for going in.

This year’s prints are a combination of subtle and in your face – so there’s something for everyone there as well. I have seen maxi dresses with scarf prints (you know, like the scarves your nan uses to wear on her head); maxi dresses with floral prints and tribal prints; even tie dye maxi dresses. And I’ve also seen some figure hugging, neon-bright maxi dresses holding up their end of the current season’s obsession with wild 80s style patterns and panels.

Point is, there are cheap maxi dresses out there for pretty much anyone. As long as you have the height, there’s something out there somewhere that matches your mood, your occasion and your personal style.

Best accessories for maxi dresses – depends on the occasion. Colourful plastic earrings and beads for a brightly coloured dress at a party; but nothing at all for the loose fit maxi dress when you come up from the beach. Basically – au naturel during sunlight hours, ready to rock at night.

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