The Practical/Stylish Handbag Dilemma

When it comes to buying a handbag, there always seems to be a compromise to make between style and practicality. Do you want to be able to carry all your essentials and ‘just-in-case’ items with you? Or do you want a neat, small handbag that can easily double as a clutch bag? In reality, you need to try and find a handbag that falls somewhere in between both of these extremes. A handbag the size of a suitcase is hardly going to be easy to carry around, not to mention unsightly with most outfits whilst a small, clutch bag may look great but if you can’t fit in it what you need to carry then there isn’t much point is there?

Luckily the handbag styles of spring 2016 accommodate both practicality and style, making your compromises minimal. Gone are the oversized bowling style bags that were fashionable last year. They have been replaced instead with slightly smaller handbags that have a more defined style. Typically triangular from a side view, these handbags will easily accommodate your wallet, keys, mobile phone, make up essentials, a mini umbrella and probably your diary too – not to mention a packet of pocket-sized tissues and your sunglasses. Phew!

When it comes to colour, spring is all about style so avoid plain black, navy or beige handbags and opt instead for something a little bolder. Floral prints are extremely trendy every spring so a floral bag would make a great investment for both this spring and next whilst summer 2016 is about bold, heavy patterns and Hawaiian inspired designs so a handbag in a similar style will easy bridge both seasons.

Most high street clothing stores are carrying the latest handbag styles for spring already whilst great savings can be made by buying designer handbags online.