The Purse Obsession

Here’s the deal. I spend a great deal of thought as to what kind of purse I use. I’m not the kind of person who changes purses every day with what I wear. It seems like too much work. I find a purse I like and usually stick with it for a while. I am a fairly casual stay-at-home mother who spends time at my children’s school, likes lunch dates, runs a lot of errands, takes my children to various activities and goes on dates with my husband during the weekend. My purse usually reflects my lifestyle.

I am always on the lookout for a fun, functional purse. I don’t like to spend hundreds of dollars on a purse either. I think it’s a waste of money. I believe a purse can be well made, nice looking, and functional for under $150, although I like to spend less than $100. So what do you look for in a purse?

It’s an Accessory

Whenever I go somewhere, I usually take my purse with me. I look at it like an accessory, like a belt or a scarf. It is a fairly noticeable accessory, therefore I like it to reflect my lifestyle and personality. As far as an accessory, there are a few things I look for.

The first is the color. I am growing to like color more and more instead of just the basic brown or black. Some of my favorite purse colors are mustard, teal, orange and green. I think these colors of purses go with a lot of outfits without necessarily matching completely. These colors also match my personality a little bit more than a basic brown or black.

The next thing I look for is material. Ideally, leather purses are my first choice. Unfortunately, leather is often expensive. I find that if I am patient and wait for the sales, I can find leather purses in my price range. Leather is classic, clean and shows some class. Another material I have grown to like is vinyl. This material is stylish, shows some fun fabric underneath and, best of all, is easy to clean.

The last thing I look for is overall style. I am a simple person with a simple wardrobe. My purse usually reflects this. I don’t like a lot of embellishments or unnecessary accessories attached to my purse that are simply for looks. I like a function attached. The fun thing about purses is that you can find one that fits your overall style.

It’s Functional

I cannot buy a purse just for looks. It also needs to be functional. For me, this is just as important as the look of the purse itself. There are certain functions I look for in a purse. This makes it easy to shop for them because if they do not have the function I am looking for, I know I can keep looking.

I want my purse to have a pocket big enough to fit my phone, a pocket for makeup, and a pocket for random things I may carry. I used to have a separate pocket for my keys until I found Bonjour magnetic key finders. These are magnets you attach to the side of your purse and then attach your keys to them. Voila! You always know where your keys are without having to search the deep corners of your purse.

I have children and also want a space in my purse where I can put their things. It seems they always have a snack or a toy or something that they will eventually ask me to carry. My purse needs to be large enough to carry a few things for them, but not too large to qualify for a diaper bag.

The bottom line is that I want a space for everything in my purse. I don’t want to throw it in a big, empty space and spend extra time searching for things I know are there. When you know what the function of your purse should be, it is easy to search for these things.

Can it be Both?

It may take some patience and searching, but your purse can be a cute accessory and also be functional. You do not need to settle. Simply make a list of your functional needs and then find a purse that meets these needs and also reflects your personal style.