Should Your Salon Staff Be Wearing a Uniform?

salon-uniformWhen it comes to choosing what to wear for a day at the salon, the decision suddenly becomes much easier if a uniform is involved. But why should you and the staff in your salon wear a uniform? The top reasons are outlined below.

Distinction – If all your staff are wearing a uniform, it will be much easier for a client to differentiate the staff from the other clients. This is especially important in a busy salon or one where staff members differ on different days. Clients benefit from being able to identify staff as it gives them peace of mind about who to ask for help or who to engage with in a variety of salon situations.

Professionalism – Staff look more professional when wearing a uniform, especially if it is clean and smart. When a client steps into a salon where the staff are wearing a uniform, they automatically think that the service they will receive will be professional.

Morale – Research shows that when staff are wearing a uniform, they feel part of a group. This can lead to better morale and even higher levels of motivation as they feel that they are working towards a common goal and not just to their own agenda.

Appropriateness – A salon uniform will have been specially designed to be practical in a salon environment. Staff will be dressed appropriately for the tasks they do in a day which ensures that there is no inappropriateness when it comes to clothing selection.

Better Mind Set – Research has also proven that when members of staff wear a uniform, they come to work in a better mind set, actually ready to perform their job well. This is because it instantly focuses the brain onto what needs to be accomplished in the day.

So when considering if your salon should have a uniform, you need to not only think about the cost of it but also the benefits it will offer to your business.